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Thanks for joining the ePatient Google Group. This forum went from zero to hopping like mad! I wanted to propose that everyone using the Google+ community be careful not to create new posts, when they really mean to have what they are writing connected to another post. 

Ultimately I want this to help solve the "firehose" problem, where some people just want to have some idea of the "main things" that are happening in the community, but feel overwhelmed by the volume of chatter. Others, like myself, prefer to read every comment and post whenever possible. 

By keeping "I agree" or "this is wonderful" or even "I think this is silly" content as comments to posts, rather than posts, we can help ensure that everyone gets what they need from this forum. When adding a post, try to imagine that you are creating something that is in itself worthy of a "new conversation". 

I will try to add a comment to any posts that really belong as comments to another post to help people get the general idea. I really do not want to enforce anything with "real" moderation. Instead, I think that the new medium will allow our community to self-moderate more effectively.
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I think some of this is unintentional and occurs when a person gets an email notification of a post here and replies, in which case I think the default is for it to show up as its own post, not as a comment. Am I wrong?
Yes, at some pont we "dummies" need to do a "dummy's guide" for each other. Meanwhile, each pot hole I step in (sorta) teaches me what moves to avoid going ahead.
Peter, I think you are right. I am going to see if I can change the settings...
Each community member can turn off notifications by going to the community site and clicking on the little bell above the categories. Once turned off, a member has to visit the community and see what's new that way.
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