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Maureen Clancy
Expert in blending modern psychotherapy with alternative healing tools.
Expert in blending modern psychotherapy with alternative healing tools.

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Now is the time when PTSD can become very debilitating for folks here and in New York ... long after the headlines have stopped. 

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New to private practice? Get my free Absolute Beginner Checklist when you sign up for my newsletter. 

It's official. This chick is totally hooked on Girls. 

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Tired of holding back because you don't feel good enough? Inner Moves will help you step into your brilliance.

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--- Love being a therapist, but hate being a business person?
--- Want to just focus on helping your clients, but know that your business isn’t thriving when you do?
--- Have clients who’re so NOT who you want to work with, but you say yes to the money?
--- Want to market your practice in the world and online, but get overwhelmed when you think about it? 

I know exactly how you feel. When I started my private practice in 2006, I had NO CLUE what I was doing business-wise. I knew I had great clinical skills, and that I really helped my clients have better lives. I thought that would be enough to make my practice a success.

But it wasn’t.

I made tons of mistakes, missed great opportunities for growth and lost a good chunk of change.

I got smart and started learning just what it took to be a business success. I am going to let you peek behind the curtain at every I’ve learned.

My deepest wish is to see your practice shine!

The one-day Business Smarts for Therapists  workshop has the stuff missing from every graduate program AND what you need to know and do to have a private practice you love.

Full details and registration is at

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Women's Art Circle is this twice as nice this month.

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Sponsor a Sister. She'll love it.

Business Smarts has been cancelled due to the mountains of snow! Look for a reschedule soon. Meanwhile stay safe and warm. 
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