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The Third Dimension Flattened
rarely-seen lithograph recently crossed my path.   It’s from 1963 and, as far as I know, is untitled: The
image featured in The Metallization of a
Dream.  This book, created by John
Munday, gathered together a selection of Paolozzi’s fifties/early sixties...

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More, NOT Less
an unpleasant critique by Otto Saumarez of Paolozzi’s oeuvre in Apollo magazine, 4 th May issue. 
Saumarez highlights Eduardo’s “willingness to embrace ugliness and
discordance” in a negative sense.  I
would suggest that this attribute, coupled with a...

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Almost pre -history in fact – i.e. even
before As Was When ! Making
collages, Paolozzi was limbering up for his fabulous Sixties graphics series in
the preceding decade.  Between these and ‘ As Is When’ there were a few works of
special significance since t...

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Rick Poynor began his succinct post about Eduardo on thus: Since Eduardo Paolozzi died in 2005 after several years of illness, a reassessment of his work has been gathering momentum. It’s a welcome ...

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The March of Time
as I have tried (!) I have yet to find any of Eduardo’s sculpture or his
graphic work post-Seventies, as satisfying and attractive as the Sixties series
which are the main feature of this blog.   I
feel that Paolozzi himself had a similar view.   Like ...

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Tii - Inka Orange - Coco Mats - just too much!

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For an aesthetic tea-time
previously noted, Paolozzi often derived pattern from prosaic sources, for
example the chequers on the Abba Zaba wrapper.   I could easily imagine his finding a pattern that inspired him on items
of every-day crockery.   So it’s pleasing
that his pattern...
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