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Anyone considering running Ryuutama at GenCon? I'm not comfortable running it, but I would like to play. I'd likely be able to bring one person with me, at least. 

I will be running (or playing, if the other father wants to GM) Ryuutama for some young children Saturday. We want it to be a feel good, low stakes game. A Tale of Kindness, perhaps? In any case, other than Totoro, what are some good movies or shows to watch, or other media to consume, for inspiration?

Thank you, The Gauntlet Community! Through your podcasts and discussions here, I was well-prepared to play RPGs I'd actually dig at GenCon. I knew better where my tastes and the games being run would cross because of all the games you play and then talk about. Plus, I saw that +Ray Otus was running games, including Sorcerers & Sellswords. Having heard him mentioned on The Gauntlet a few times, I was already familiar with some of his work. I made sure I got to his table! (Thanks for the good times, Ray.)

I don't play as often or as varied a selection of games as many in this community, so getting in as many as possible during GenCon is a priority every year. I played: Fiasco, Lady Blackbird, Sorcerers & Sellswords, Goblintown, It's Not My Fault (basically Fate Accelerated Edition), Hexnoir (Technoir w/ elves and what-not - so kinda Shadowrun, I gather?), and a bunch of Dungeon World.

I also now have increased knowledge of what I'm missing, though. I did not get into Swords Without Master, Night Witches, a few others that I have heard on The Gauntlet or one of the affiliated podcasts that I think would've been fun. I'll have to rectify that!

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I released a new version of my Dungeon World Tools! It's not a huge update from an end user perspective. The most noticeable change is what used to be a random monster "generator" now is an easy-to-use monster finder, including all stats and text from the DW SRD.

If you get some use out of it, have any suggestions, or what-have-you, let me know! 

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Have you run Ryuutama with children? How did it go?

Backstory: Another father and I were discussing RPGs for kids, and particularly finding combat-less or combat-light RPGs. Many kid-focused RPGs are cool, but are definitely traditional D&D type of things. We'd like to find something that doesn't concentrate on knocking out bad guys / resolving issues with combat. I mean, I enjoy that sorta thing in a game, and my kids and I will do it one day, but I'd like to start elsewhere. Ryuutama seems like a good solution, and one that all ages can enjoy. I have only played once, 2 hours at GenCon a couple years ago, though.

What say you?

(I did see this report, which indicates it went quite well. Interested in hearing more!

Thanks for adding me to the community! As several have, I see, the avenue I took to get here was the Discern Realities podcast. Thanks for that!

It looks like the text of the custom what-have-you in the "What here is useful or valuable to me?" section of the Discern Realities podcast has been added to the website starting with episode 17. Is that right? Is there a place to find those things from previous episodes, or should I work on jotting them down myself?

What are some good questions to ask to build up the next adventure for a party?

Last session, the group defeated a fledgling druid organization bent on nature taking back that which has been 'civilized'. (You know, the worst parts of PETA and Greenpeace if they had magic and advocated for plant-life, too.) They can return to town, where they'll get a reward. They can visit some other cities where they might or might not have family. They could further explore the swamp they're currently recovering in (where I loosely planned some other stuff to explore). I think I want to ask questions similar to those I might ask during the first session.

Have you done this sort of thing? Any guidelines? Any questions that immediately pop to your mind?

For those of you running Roll20 games: how do you handle mapping? I do the index card method in-person, but I haven't figured out how to manage map-making on Roll20.

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I will soon be GMing a game for friends, a few of whom are somewhat new to RPGs, and somewhat new friends. I want to get some idea of things they might like to see in our game, so I put together this survey:

Could you take a look at tell me what you think? Have you done this sort of pre-game player survey before?

(Not directly DW related, but you guys are awesome, thoughtful, and go about GMing in the way I'd like to go about GMing, it seems to me. The game will indeed be DW.)

Going to GenCon? Want to play or GM DW during normal business hours or after 9p on Thursday or Friday?

I'm an Indy resident (towny!), and am planning to take Thursday and Friday off for GenCon. However, I want to be home for dinner and bedtime with the family. This constrains me to ~9-5 or after the kids are in bed Thursday and Friday. If some folk are interested, I thought a pickup game at a coffee shop or something similar might be a fun way to start off either of those days. Alternatively, I'll suck it up, bring my own coffee, and stay up super late to get in some more DW. Whaddya say?
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