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I trust my own instinct
I trust my own instinct

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Many of us wanted to lose weight and not only losing it but
also to lose weight fast. I for example wanted to lose weight in just a short
amount of time by punishing myself with rigorous workout exercises or depriving
myself to eat my favorite meal. Oftenti...

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The first time I set my foot in Doha, I was amazed, living
here is like a paradise, but that just what I  thought, if you are earning a huge salary
here, the life is amazing in Doha, every luxury you can think of is affordable
for you. But not for us who we...

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Motivation for Weightloss
If you are like me who is looking for someone for motivation
or inspiration to getting fit and healthy, well the story below is a good one.
The story of @amydown100 which you can also follow on Instagram where she
shares all her tips in the journey of her w...

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Men's Fashion Trends for the Holidays
With the holidays approaching, and people gathering with their friends and families to enjoy the season together, there's never been a better time for men to catch up on the latest fashion trends and ensure that they look good in front of the people they ca...

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The Only 2 Ways to Treat Acne
As young teenagers going through the changes of puberty, it's not uncommon to experience a face full of pimples. However, many parents assured woeful teenagers that acne would be a thing of the past once adulthood came along. Well into adulthood, many peopl...

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Where Do Our Fat Go When We Lose Weight?
Are you also curious as to where our fat go when we lose weight. Well here is an interesting video that explains it as to where the masses of our weight go. And yes all that we use to believe about losing weight is not quite close to what is really happenin...

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Oral Treatments and Dental Implants
Your smile is the star of your face. When people look at you, they instantly know how you feel just by looking at your smile. Some people might worry that you're unhappy or even angry because you seldom smile, but you may not smile as much as you would like...

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