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My Introverted Bookstore
I was thinking. I know it's dangerous, but a thought occurred
to me today. As some of you know, I work part-time in an independent book
store. I love my job. The owner is one of my good friends who supports me in my
writing endeavors. On the third Tuesday o...

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My Heart Hurts for You...Please Stay
My heart hurts. That’s what I want to say. This past week,
two stories crossed my path that broke my heart. In Texas City, Texas, an 18
year old girl killed herself in front of her family. They begged her not to do
it. This young woman was a victim of cyber...

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Evoluton of a Writer Part 5 - FUBARED? Get Out of the House!
See this explosion? This was my summer plans. Yep, up they went in a giant fireball of FUBAR! Yes, the family went to Washington and we had a great time. That was the beginning. Now, we get to the middle and end. I had big plans. I had lowered my work hours...

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Bigfoot, Vampires, and Werewolves....OH MY!
I'm on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Washington, to be more specific. I'm writing this from the hotel's computer. It's our family vacation. I was born up here and I wanted to show my children where I came from. As we were driving through Mt. Ranier Natio...

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What Do You Mean I Have To Build A World!
I'm a pantser, which means I write by the seat of my pants. I don't plan out my stories. I have the basics in my head, and flesh it out as I go along. I always found plotting and planning to be restrictive when the character went one way and the plan went t...

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Intentionality - Phase 2 My First Event
On March 1st I participated in my first book signing event. Book Exchange, a local book store in Marietta, hosted an Indie author and publishing event. I hesitated for a moment to sign up, but something pushed me to do it, so I called the bookstore, talked ...

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Intentionality - Phase One! Newsletter!
Phase one has begun. NEWSLETTERS! I know   I'm supposed to have a newsletter, but I never knew what to put in it. I'm slow writer, so I don't have tons of things to publish yet. I didn't know what to say, or put in a newsletter that people would like to rea...

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Intentionality - Lisa Lesson 4,265,325,001
When I was younger I would screw up, or learn something new and I would tell my friends, "Lisa lesson number ... " whatever number I made up. We would laugh or cry, depending on the lesson and go on with our activity. That brings me to this lesson. I don't ...

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