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Table Booster for Google Analytics improves the grids in Google Chrome
Table Booster for Google Analytics improves the grids in Google Chrome

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We announce the new available update of Table Booster V2.38.

[*] Bug fixes for the change of the number display in Analytics.
[+] AdWords - Bid Adjustments

We announce the immediate availability of Table Booster V2.36.

[*] Bug fixes for internal layout changes
[*] Bar Charts are proportional to total value now

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+Google Analytics is featuring Table Booster - awesome!!
[Cool Tool]: Check out Chrome Extension Table Booster

+Siegfried Stepke shares a cool tool that will help make attribution modeling easier by adding some additional visualization. The color gradient added will help you quickly see which channel introduces contacts, is supporting or closes the deal. Check it out at:

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New Release & new Features!
+ Added Z-Test functionality: compare two rows for rate difference. The first column that is checked is always the "Visits" column. Select your second column by clicking on the "Z" in the Icon-Section! After that simply pick two rows (click on the checkboxes) to view, if the rates are comparable.
+ Works now in all tables (except Pivot and tables with GA own visualization)
+ Added own heatmap for the Model Comparison Tool

Get the new version of Table Booster now!
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Finally: We're rolling out a new version mainly with bug-fixes; the table booster should work again now in most reports (more coming).
New Feature: Follow the settings Link to define your preferred Keyboard shortcut ("t" alone was awfull :-/ )

Stay tuned for more features to appear soon...

We have released a new version that fixes the problem. Table Booster is now more robust against HTML changes of GA.

Sorry and thanks for your patience.
Hope you like the tool!

Table Booster is corrently not working:

We depend on the HTML-structure of GA and it has just changed, so the table booster can't extract the needed information.

We will update it to get it working again but please give us some time. You'll get an update notification via Chrome...

New Release - new Features!
+ now also works in custom reports
+ now also works in multi-channel-funnels / assisted conversions
+ Shortcut for activation, just press 't' (instead of scrolling and clicking)
+ some other enhancements

The new release will be rolled out automatically via the chrome-updates today...

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German t3n-magazine recently featured our table booster - many thanks!
Mit dem kostenlosen Chrome-Plugin Table Booster könnt ihr eure Google-Analytics-Daten ab sofort aufhübschen.

New Table-Booster Release: with small bugfixes.
We're working on new features - so stay tuned!
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