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Community for Physical, Mental, Cognitive, Developmental, Sensory & Emotional Disabilities.
Community for Physical, Mental, Cognitive, Developmental, Sensory & Emotional Disabilities.

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Quiz Night - Saturday 15th November 8.00PM

30 Questions - (20 Questions + 10 Pictures) - 2 mins per question

The questions will be posted on the quiz thread.
You should write your answers on the quiz thread.
We will have one or two practice questions then straight into the first question of the quiz.

1st Person to answer - 3 Points
2nd Person to answer - 2 Points
3rd Person to answer - 1 Point

In the result of a tie we will have a tiebreaker question.

Staff ( Kathryn, Sam & George) will keep track of scores but also keep a record of your own if possible

Winner takes a £10 high street voucher of their choice.

Good luck 

Please let us know if you will be taking part

Here is the link to where the quiz will be

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At the start of August boxing promoter Frank Maloney revealed her new identity to the world – Kellie Maloney.

The front page story on many British tabloid newspapers, Maloney said that her life had been a lie for many years and that she was a woman trapped in a man’s body, but feared that the macho world of boxing would destroy her if she told of her pain.

Following transgender surgery, Maloney bravely told her story in the most public way possible – and as this BBC article states, the decision was universally supported.

No-one is perfect, but no-one has the right to think worse of those who are different. Those who are unusual and unique are sometimes castigated and shunned by society. It may be their colour, sexuality, gender, or a disability that seemingly bestows on others a right to criticise, and sadly those who are targeted all too often feel guilt about their own bodies or emotions.

Throughout history it is those who have stood out from the crowd that have later led that crowd. From Martin Luther King and Ghandi, to Audrey Hepburn and Dita von Teese, we admire those who have bravery and conviction in what they believe, their image as a person, and how they carry themselves....

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4 Wheelchair Innovations to Change Lives

Having a disability can be a huge setback in the way of leading a life with the same opportunities as others. There are still some areas which are not as advanced as you would think for wheelchair users in a modern day world. Although this may be true, other companies are showing innovation in new areas of accessibility for wheelchair users. See below the breakthroughs happening that might just change history…

Wheelchair Skis
Easily attachable to the wheels of a wheelchair: Wheel Blades give disabled people the freedom to join in on winter sport fun. Innovations such as wheel skis that are readily available to the public, could also help to increase wheelchair user’s participation in sports and events such as the Paralympics. These skis for wheelchairs also eliminate the problem of wheels getting stuck in the snow and could be very beneficial to helping users get out and about in the snow.

Taxi Services
Taxis specialised for wheelchair users are now readily available online, whether you are interested in purchasing a taxi with disabled wheelchair access yourself or if you are disabled and looking for a taxi rank with this facility near you. There have also been reports in areas such as New York where wheelchair access taxis have been predicted to increase dramatically in number under the new TLC plan....

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 hope you are enjoying the summer so far. 

Great news!! We have just added a Arcade Games area to our website for your enjoyment.

There are literally thousands of different games to play. Something for everyone

I hope you all enjoy it.

Don't forget to chat on the forum if you have questions about your disability or you just want a good old natter.

You can talk about benefits, medications, symptoms, financial issues and much much more...

Hope to see you around the site soon


Community Manager

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It’s not uncommon to feel helpless when someone you love is suffering from dementia and seems to be drifting away into their own world.

That world is often a confusing and frightening one, where relating to people, objects and places of meaning becomes more and more difficult. Once dementia has taken hold, it can completely change how a person interprets what they see, hear, taste, feel and smell.

Creating a memory box is one way you can help a friend or family member to recall those memories and the treatment is now becoming an essential part of dementia care in the UK.

Why should I create a memory box?

This is a simple activity that uses reminiscence therapy to encourage short-term memories by stimulating long-term ones. Sitting down and exploring a collection of items or images can prompt a dementia sufferer into remembering specific people and events from their past.

These memory boxes have proven to be extremely useful for helping dementia patients living in care homes as the objects can establish a valuable landmark and open up the lines of communication between carers, residents and their families....

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Any owner of a mobility scooter, wheelchair or even a simple walking stick will understand the need for good quality spare parts and accessories and how the failure of a simple component can be a major inconvenience.

So what can you do to prevent the downtime that comes from a part failure? Where do you start to look and what is available?

Firstly, there are many ways to prevent parts wearing out or breaking in the first place. As with any vehicle or piece of equipment, it is always advisable to carry out routine checks to notice if anything looks out of place or is showing the effects of wear and tear. For example, on a scooter, it would be as simple as looking at the tyres, seeing if there is sufficient tread, or if there is any damage to the tyres.

On a scooter, it is true to say that tyres and batteries are some of the most replaced items, yet finding replacement tyres is a relatively easy task by making a search on the internet. A visual look-over can detect damage or wear to other components that can then be noted to be mention to your regular service agent, or for yourself, if you carry out your own basic repairs and maintenance....

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The lone yogi, sat atop a quiet hill as the sun rises, is a powerful image and one that springs to mind for most people when they think about yoga. The focus of yoga is on the individual’s own practise, and the effects it has on their body and mind. Although the relationship of guru and student is well established it’s still seen as very much a solo gig. However there are more and more classes now that focus on yoga for couples, and they can have real benefits.

Partner yoga classes work through a series of asanas (poses) that require two people to move in unison to achieve the pose. Because of this a yoga for couples class can help bring a couple closer together and begin to develop more trust and a deeper connection. These are the main benefits of yoga for couples...

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“It was strange how loud the world was when you weren’t filling it up with your own noise.” These words appear in Bridget Asher’s novel “The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted” and can certainly be said to be true for modern life. From a work environment where concentration is vital, to a child struggling to complete their homework; the invasion of unwanted, and often repetitive, noise, too easily becomes much more than simply a distraction.

You might try to tackle the problem at source by gaining co-operation from the noise-makers. In a business environment this might simply not be possible. Elsewhere, other people may not be prepared to be “reasonable” to the degree you request! In either case, and to gain the long-term outcome you need, there is a practical option. Before we examine this, let’s take a closer look at a few aspects of the problem.

Noise and the modern world

Noise is a continuing, many feel increasing, problem in the world today. In fact, not only is there now an International Noise Awareness Day, to be held next on April 30th 2014 – this will, in fact, be the 19th such event. Created by the Center for Hearing and Communication, this aims to raise awareness of the dangers of long-term noise exposure....

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Loneliness Part 2

Credit to Kathryn from the forum for this wonderful blog series

There are numerous reasons why people find themselves alone and this doesn’t necessarily mean they are lonely. But in the coming weeks I hope to show you how people can become alone and end up lonely. In this installment I am dealing with a subject close to home as the member I interviewed has battled agoraphobia too but alot more besides as you will see. Let’s hear her story in her own words…..
Could you tell us what your health problems are ?

I suffer with post concussion syndrome following a fall in the bathroom, Myalgic Encephalopathy aka ME, agoraphobia, as well as having mass allergies and psoriasis.

How do these affect your day to day life ?

They can stop me walking or putting a pair of socks on with psoriasis.

My post concussion syndrome can make sitting in noise unbearable or being out in it to not being able to put the fan on in the kitchen because of sensitivity to sound, difficulty going out in the sun because of sensitivity to light and day to day concentration can be really bad....

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Watching someone we care for suffer from growing disabilities is hard to watch. It is even harder on the person it affects. But increasing disabilities are an expected result of aging or advancing disease. Instead of accepting the increasing disabilities as inevitable, family, friends, and caregivers can help to keep the individual focused on what they can do instead of what they can no longer do.

Caregivers often think that their efforts are primarily focused on the physical needs of the individual, such as helping them with moving, cleaning themselves, or eating. However, they often overlook the importance of the emotional support they provide. This is every bit as important to an individual as taking care of their physical needs. This is especially true when their disabilities are increasing.....
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