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Making a mess of it all!
Making a mess of it all!

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Whoa it's been a minute! Haven't posted up for a while. Traveling, family, werk... Here's some inspirational pictures of living areas I've been lusting over. Enjoy! Above: I want to do this when Chris and I have to move into a new house. He's the Imelda Mar...

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All Tiled Up!
Greetings from the land of Hollywood! This next post was influenced because we are in the process of remodeling our master bathroom and I was dragged (willingly) around town by our interior designer, Rick.  When we were faced with this remodel I thought our...

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Digging for Antiques!
Hi Folks, what a week and end. I had to finish making some Macrame Planters to be sold at my friends store, visited my friends amazing apartment (another future post), attended BBQ's and went antiquing over the weekend.   When I went over to my friend Yasi'...

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Wall Eyed!
Hi there! Nice to be back after being on the road over the Memorial Day weekend... Lots of inspiration and ideas have sprouted in my mind, it's hard to keep up. Over the past week I have been inspired to create my own 'feature wall'.  I've always wanted to ...

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Be my Guest House!
There are so many reasons to build a guest house or studio, cottage in the back yard. Some great reasons are to serve as a workspace, playroom, guest accommodation, and as a rental. I know this is a plan we are looking into for the future, ideally building ...

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Melting in the Phoenix sun.
We just got back from a little trip to Phoenix, AZ.   The great thing about flying from Burbank to Phoenix is the hour and fifteen minute flight.  The down side (in my opinion) is not being able to bring back all the goodies I wanted to the extra...

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Peace, Love and Teepees!
I know it's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas presents, and this year, I'm getting organized.  We have four (ages 8, 6, and two 5 year olds) of the sweetest little girls to get presents for each year and as they get older it gets harder and harder....

YAY Mother's Day! Wishing the best to all Mother's around the world!

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D.I.Y. Nailed it!
In my previous post  Planter crazy!  I showed various ways to display your beloved plants.  While I was doing my search on planters, I stumbled upon this  DIY Planter  on  A Beautiful Mess  blog. So I did it... and here are my results!  Above: A trip to Ana...

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When life gives you Lemons...
I just harvested these lemons from our tree.  I lost a few to the dogs because they thought they were tennis balls, anyways... I could do a lot with these lemons, but I choose to use them as a natural wasp and bee repellent.  We have a honey bee hive across...
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