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Narrative Performance and Book Launch

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Art Therapy and Foster Children: What are We Forgetting?
I work with many children and youth who are part of the
foster care system. It is a complex, messy, and chaotic system of care. I
contract with many amazing caring Social Workers who try hard to provide homes
for children that are safe and nurturing. The sy...

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What Does Trauma Recovery Actually Look Like?
Recovery looks different for everyone. It is simplistic to
reduce anything as complex as how people heal or change to stages, steps or
phases. However, I have noticed a flow or pattern of how people go through
their recovery process. Sometimes they repeat s...

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How Wanting to Help Can Be Harmful
I worry when I hear people in the “helping professions” say
that they want to help. Why? Because that attitude can be harmful. I work with children and youth who have been marginalized
and discriminated against. They have often been abused in their homes, t...

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New Publication: There Is No Need to Talk about This: Poetic Inquiry from the Art Therapy Studio
  In the book, There Is No Need to Talk about This readers are given a glimpse into my therapy practice. The poems embrace the painful aspects of my clients' lives, the breakthroughs and struggles my clients experience. The text explores mental illness, tra...

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Grand Theft Brain Development and Art Therapy
has long been known that whatever we focus on, repeat day after day and
habitually do creates more of the same thoughts, beliefs and patterns in the
brain. The brain wraps itself around whatever our strongest focus is. Norman
Doidge in How the Brain Heal...

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Some Surprises are not Good
A child's drawing of how she feels when she is surprised.  I do Art and Play Therapy with children who have moved many,
many times to new foster homes. With each move there are new setbacks, new
fears, new traumas, and new issues for child to struggle with....
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