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World War II History
Preserving the past for the future
Preserving the past for the future

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Dec 07, 1941 16:25 - #PearlHarbor Governor signs Proclamation. martial law put into effect.

Dec 07, 1941 13:30 - #PearlHarbor Signal flags on carrier AKAGI orders Japanese task force to withdraw. Territorial director of civil defense orders blackout every night until further notice.

Dec 07, 1941 13:00 - #PearlHarbor Commander Fuchida lands on board carrier AKAGI. discussion follows with Admiral Nagumo and staff concerning feasibility of launching 3rd wave.

Dec 07, 1941 12:40 - #PearlHarbor Governor confers with President Roosevelt regarding martial law. both agree it necessary that the military take over the civilian government.

Dec 07, 1941 12:30 - #PearlHarbor Honolulu police raid Japanese embassy. find them burning documents. Blackout to begin at night ordered by Army.

Dec 07, 1941 12:10 - #PearlHarbor American planes fly north in search for enemy with negative results.

Dec 07, 1941 11:46 - #PearlHarbor First report of many false sightings of enemy troops landing on Oahu.

Dec 07, 1941 11:42 - #PearlHarbor As per orders by Army local stations go off the air. General short confers with Governor regarding martial law.

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Dec 07, 1941 11:15 - #PearlHarbor State of emergency announced over radio by Governor Poindexter.
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