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We said this was serious.

We have a number of sites in planning for England that we are still pursuing despite the difficult environment that has been created, but unless there is a major policy or party change at the next general election - it's exit stage left for us from England.

“The success rate in planning has halved in the past couple of years, entirely due to the efforts of the Tories, and it has made it less sensible to spend any real effort to try and get planning permission for projects in England. We are fighting a moving target. The rules are being changed every few months in terms of planning, environmental assessments and financial support.”

“Cameron has gone from husky-hugging to hammering the green crap."

“He knows we have to fight climate change but he’s scared of Ukip. Ukip have three policies — anti-Europe, anti-immigration and anti-onshore wind — and the Tories have aped all three of them.”

"As for 'quitting' - it’s not quite what it appears.  I’m happy to say.
We’ve had a policy in place for some 12 moths now, to stop finding and submitting new sites into planning in England and instead to focus our efforts on Scotland - for the reasons set out in the article, it’s become very difficult in England, to the point that we were wasting time and money to a degree we could no longer accept.
So we've adapted our approach and it makes sense to do so.  The goal posts keep moving and the government has clearly set itself against onshore wind.  
There’s an election coming and hopefully we’ll get a new government that’s for renewable energy in England.  We have that in Scotland already of course.
Until that happens the best use of our time and other resources is to avoid England, where even when you win a public enquiry after four years work, some politician comes along and overturns that - for short term political expediency.  We still hope the courts will overturn one of Mr Pickles latest interventions in the planning process.
Meanwhile we have 6 projects still in planning in England.  And another 6 consented and ready to build - which will add 70MW to our total green energy generating capacity - doubling it.  So it’s not like we won’t be busy in England for a while.  But we’ll hold back from new site work until the political climate improves.
We’re pushing ahead with our Sun Park work though, with one to be built shortly and several to go to planning."
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It's peeeople! And also plankton.
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