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 I wonder how many sites are using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Replication.  There were a few interesting discussions about OER this week both at and on the PEG.  

Once you get a solid understanding of OER, implementation is really not that difficult.  The devil is really in the details and there are a LOT of small details when deploying OER. For example:

1. How did you configure AI?  Fixed or variable length extents?  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

2. How many AI files does the DB have?

3. How often did you rotate AI files before OpenEdge Replication and how often should you rotate them after?

4. Should you enable OER online or offline?  What's the difference/

5. What values should you use in the replication properties file?  There are a gajillion properties in the "Transition" section - which would do I need to use?

6. What the heck is failover and failback?

7. How do I test all this?

Think about it.  Test it. Test it again.  And most importantly DOCUMENT!  This is by far the biggest mistake I see at customers and with other consultants: they don't document adequately.

And once again, I hope to see you at my OE Replication hands-on workshop at PUG Challenge Americas in June.


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Who is going to be at the PUG Challenge Americas in Westford MA?  What about PUG Challenge EMEA in Dusseldorf in November?

I [Paul Koufalis] will be giving two presentations and a full day high-availability workshop at PUG Challenge Americas.  See the full agenda here:

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Great OpenEdge DBA Community Webex yesterday with Rich Banville, Richard Shulman and Jean Richert.  Opportunities to ask RichB direct questions are somewhat rare so yesterday was A-Mazing!   

The audio was saved here:

You can see upcoming events on the community calendar here:

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