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The Clinton Team's Shit Didn't Work in the General Election
Yes! It's another MBB sports-politics analogy post! When questioned about his Oakland A's lack of postseason success, Billy Beane famously remarked, "My shit doesn't work in the playoffs," There's a couple messages one could take from this statement: The ba...

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Working the Refs....
I don't recall exactly when the term "working the refs" entered the lexicon of sports, but the first coach I recall employing the tactic beyond simple complaining about close calls that didn't go his way was Phil Jackson. Again, this may be a little hazy, b...

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Tonight I climb this building (56 floors, 1120 steps) to raise money to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, the genetic disease that my daughter Meagan has.

I'm still a few hundred dollars short of my goal. Will you help put us over the top?

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The danger of Trump
Scott Alexander wrote a piece entitled " You're Still Crying Wolf " about how some of the reaction to Trump's election have been counter-productive. Alexander endorsed Hillary Clinton , and I didn't, but I'm inclined to agree with Ross Douthat's (who also n...

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My Pledge
I understand that for many people, the results of last night's election are scary. Though I would have preferred a different outcome, they are not so for me , but I recognize that is at least partly due to my position of privilege. Given that, I was to stat...

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Why I Care About Email Server Management
Please see my  election disclaimer post . A regular feature of Matthew Ygelsias's Twitter feed has been referring to the controversy around Hillary Clinton's email server as "email server management," e.g. suggesting that the only people who would be concer...

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The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Less Than My Standard
Please see my  election disclaimer post . I've seen a lot of commentary along these lines lately: @conor64 @MeghanMcCain didn't say equally bad; shebsaid neither was good enough. — John McGuinness (@JohnJMcG) November 2, 2016 To illustrate this example, all...

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Heroic Postseason Relief Appearances By Starting Pitchers
In the wake of Clayton Kershaw's save last night, and to cleanse my mind, let's review the most memorable relief appearances by starting pitchers in the postseason. In baseball, postseaon games bear less resemblance to regular season games than in any other...

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A palate cleanser from my discussions of two candidates I can't stand. To me, the main purpose of replay is to prevent gross injustices in officiating decisions. Things like the Don Denkinger decision in the 1985 World Series. In particular, we want to prev...

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How could this happen?
Please see my  election disclaimer post . A popular line of commentary these days is to list the many sins of Donald Trump, and question why it took these videotapes to turn people away from Trump. This Dan Rather Facebook post seems to be a representative ...
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