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My List Of Essential Baby Items: Let me know yours!
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Pacifier, extra outfit in the diaper bag and a swing. :)
A copy of "The Baby Book" by William Sears. And a good sling. :-) Congrats!
1. The Baby
2. The Tea (Wildfruits)
3. The Babysitter ;-)
4. Lioner
5. The Wife how made it ^^
When older I highly recommended the simple highchair from ikea. 
Sri Rao
+Alyssa Milano Is the WubbaNub pacifier still working out well? Our girl was born about the same time and we're toying with the idea of getting one.
This was a lifesaver for us -

Holding your baby is always best, but sometimes you just need a rest. Plus my little one loved sleeping on it once she started to crawl.

Apple iPad 2 to Amazon Kindle Fire: Call me when your boobs come in.
+ Dennis Depew totally agree with sophie giraffe, i live in tasmania and my little nephew has one of those, he loves it
Babyhood by Paul Reiser.... I read it on a plane flight to California, it had me laughing out loud and in tears. Highly recommended!
How Bout "PATIENCE" hahaha! I have learned to always have that in spades wherever i go.
You know, Paul Reiser is seriously underrated. All those years of Mad About You and not a single Emmy... argh. Shame. He's extremely funny and poignant when it comes to family.
Good list, but I think you forgot the spit towel. That saved a year's worth of extra laundry.
Maybe it's not really Alyssa who is posting here.
1.Cloth nappies - I'm old fashioned and used the terry squares for my three. Means you always have a spit cloth.
2. The Kapoochie nappy backpack.
3. A really good front loader.
4. Zinc and castor oil nappy rash cream. Works wonders!
5. The yellow quilt some relative gave me which could be washed and dry within an hour. Spent many hours kipping on the floor with a breastfeeding bub on this.
6. A sling
7. Mountain buggy for when we went on walks. This one goes cross country and is light and easy to throw in the boot of the car for a jogger.
I agree with the wubba nub it is great! I also like the boon spoon for feedings it is amazing
We did the co-sleeping thing with our daughter for the first 5 months, then moved her to a crib in our room for another 3 months. After that, it was an easy move to her own room. I recommend the Summer Infant monitor at It has a great night-vision mode.
sleep, cotton blankets onsies that cover fingernails,
Thanks for the list ... not a parent but did find something useful for myself and others ... Gripe Water. Very Cool!
Since it takes two diapers to change a baby boy--diapers and those handy wipes were always my essential needs.Of course I didn't get into the other essentials.
i loved the mother's milk tea...used it when nursing both times, also liked raspberry leaf tea...but that was more for myself and the healing affects it has for the uterus. once your little guys starts teething, teething tablets work wonders and are all natural! good luck and he is beautiful. :)
Triple Paste is the best. Be sure to get the huge jar!
A boppy and a Kangaroo pouch. And when he's a little older, a baby backpack...we carried our daughter everywhere in one when we were out and about. It was much nicer than a stroller, and she loved it.
Baby Bjorn (the denim one) and a white noise machine. Indispensable!
You were at dancing with the stars tonight, weren't you????? I swear it was you i saw.....Allysa.
I've been a fan since "Who's the Boss" Love your work. Congratulations on the new baby!!!!
My son is about to turn one year old, congrats on the new baby!

I recommend tons of wipes on hand, extra diapers (you don't want to run out on an airplane trust me), baby tylenol, change of clothes. Pretty much everything else you can find alternatives for on the spot.

That giraffe toy was a big hit and a good stroller is key.

Just remember they change so fast everything they like one day is old the next.
Kiddopatomous SwaddleMe wraps - easy to slip baby in and very hard to bust out of
My Brest Friend nursing pillow
Comfort Silkie Slumber Nest - great for co sleeping with a little one
Reusable bamboo nursing pads
Trumpette baby socks - the only ones that stayed on our wiggly son
Baby Ktan carrier - all the benefits of a wrap style carrier without having to wrap
Dawn C
Baby swing we had an aquarium themed one. Also I can't remember the name of it but we had a great device you attach to the crib and it vibrates the crib which really helped our son sleep better. Kind of replicated being in the car. Also make sure you always have extra crib sheets and clith diapers to throw over your shoulder when burping etc.
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Food & water
4. Clothes
5. Shelter, bed
6. Love, affection, support
7. Security, protection
8. Stimulation, upbringing
9. Teddy Bear
10. Other stuff might needed
The best thing we did with our 3 kids was to use cloth diapers at home and only use the disposables for overnights and going out of the house. Oh, and breastfeeding. But that was good for Daddy and babies.
I wish i would have known some of these things were out there when i had my kids. Love the list.
I need a Female to get Pregnant! LOL! Do you know any that would like to Vollunteer? (I'm kind of Serious...) LOL!
Butt Paste. Way better than baby powder.
make sure you always keep a well stocked bag in your car. you will always find that when you go out that is the time your baby or toddler will do the strangest things that require things you always don't have. Mother of four, grandmother of 5. Tahoe Lover
Congrats on your baby, now your life will really begin, the love you share is equal to the love you give!! Enjoy the ups as well as the downs!!
Mines just learning to talk.. He puts his hand over hot food and says "Hoooooot" . The cutest damded thing you ever heard.. Yesterdays new word was "Baby". he pointed at his little friend from across the street and said it.. Then he showed social skills by huggin the friend, kissing him on the cheek and saying bye.. OMG I love my son! lol
I have some things on my Go-To Baby Supplies List, some chamomile baby products from Yves Rocher (can be ordered online) they are so mild! I love them as well. The other things are (for when your baby is older) Vick's baby rub for colds (lavender and rosemary are main ingredients) and Johnson's Aroma Bath, which has rosemary and all good things to clear out colds and general yuckiness from winter weather...these things are a life saver at 3 AM when you have an uncomfortable baby with a cold...I have been known to use them for myself as well...
We loved the tub with the hammock! A big soft comforter for tummy time was always something we tried to keep handy.
As a soon to be parent I'm going to take this advice to heart. Thank you for sharing.
+Alyssa Milano Don't ever forget the book, "What to Expect During the First Year." after the baby is born, it helps a lot with the unnecessary doctor's visits and the freak outs which happen very often with your first born.
I know that you receive so many comments that you can't possibly read them all, but I just want to tell you that your wedding dress was wonderful and one day I'll try to copy it!
Tyke lights. Great for midnight feedings, diaper changing in the dark and late night car rides. Babies love them and can grow with them and they are easy on parents eyes. Alexa likes the moon because she can hook her arm through it and carry it around.
My first is a wife willing to have a baby. Apparently I don't have that.
Our 11 week old loves his Mama Roo. Highly recommended.
I highly recommend a keurieg we have used it since day 1 to warm the bottles. just open and close top make a large cup of water (no k-kup inserted) plop bottle in and in 5 minutes bottle is perfect. no radiation from microwave and no time wasted with boiling water
I'm following you.......please don't call the police. hehehee.
Hi Alyssa, Congratulations! Pregnancy and having a Baby its the most magical time in womans life! Enjoy every minute of it and take a lot of pictures! Oh and after birth - don't forget to wear corset - it will help you tighten up those muscles back ;o) My second baby was a girl of 10lbs (first boy of 8.9lbs) and unfortunately no one told me this :o( I'm a huge fan and seen all Charmed (I know sad as I am not a teen lol) plus most of other movies you made! You are great actress and will be great Mommy! x
He's precious. Congratulations! We have four babies... our must haves were a stroller, a bouncer and teething tablets!!!
A sleepy wrap was a must for me! Now that he's a little bigger I use a ring sling and a mei tai. The mei tai is my favorite (I love wearing him on my back) but I find the ring sling easier for outings since there's no tying required :)
As long as you're nursing him and keeping him close, everything else is convenience to me! The only things left that I must have for my baby boy can all be found at lol. As in all things I continue to enjoy your work and now precious son.
Congrats. I recommend baby powder with cornstarch...totally helps prevent rashing:) God bless, motherhood is the greatest thing.
One trick is to wet a washcloth and put it in a plastic bag. Comes in handy when those baby wipes just don't quite cut it.
Ear plugs for mom? jk. I would recommend mom take naps when baby naps and to make sure you get the Safety 1st nail clippers instead of biting the baby's nails or using adult sized clippers.. oww.
i love castle and charmed.. loved you on both! (OMFG you got to kiss Nathan Fillion!)
Such a cute baby! :) I never could get my kids used on pacifiers for some reason. They get thrown away a lot. Oddly enough, they were quite fine without it. :) And I agree with +Holly Lyne - just bed share/breastfeed, it's easier and less tiring. Also because I got tired of the breast pump. ;)
Awww. Congrats, again!
RED GEAR to attend his older brother's High School football games!! Go Truckee Wolverines!!!! =]
Hey Alyssa, I just saw your US weekly pic with baby Milo, you've got an adorable baby and you were radiant.. Congratulations.
You absolutely need to read the book called Babywise. It will change your life and help you stay sane while training your baby to sleep through the night!
I loved the series What To Expect When Your Expecting they were very helpful to me
lets see I had 5 and I always used cloth diapers. The Doctors always said it was healthier for their skin because you change them more often and it's easier to potty train when the time comes, all true. A&D ointment a must for diaper rash. For a persistent diaper rash baking soda in the bath water and let them soak for at least 10 minutes. Breast is best is so true but you have to be careful of what you eat, if it gives you gas it will give baby gas too.
Congratulations on your safe delivery Alyssa. Your baby is going to be just as adorable and captivating as his mom. A few of the things on my list of Essentials for Baby consists of Lots of quality time, Breast milk and Cloth nappies these keep baby' bottom much cooler and less susceptible to rashes, you have to wash more but it is better in the long run for baby, you and the environment.
Superbe photo, quelle chance d'être aussi rayonnante face à l'objectif du photographe :) Ma fille est née le 15 Août 2011 et je me sens comblée de bonheur. J'imagine très bien le votre actuellement. Puissiez-vous vivre de forts instants de bonheur.
Congratulations on your new arrival!
Congratulations Alyssa! You are going to be an AMAZING mother! There is NO greater blessing on earth than being a mother. Everything else pales in comparison. Babies are literally Heaven on earth. I just found out last Monday that I am FINALLY going to be a grandma. I have been ill for 21 years & have died 4 times & have been at death's door too many times to count. . I honestly didn't think I'd live to see the day. I am SO grateful! I am 54 years old & have 3 awesome chidren who all 3 got married within a 7 month period from Dec. 2009-July 2010. I love my son-in-law & daughtres-n-law just as much as my own children. We are blessed.
My list of Essential Baby Items is: ME, a Bib, Soft Blanket, Pacifier, Rattle, Desitin, Wipes, Diapers, Bottles (even if you are breasts feeding -which I did), Lotion, Baby Powder, Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Music, Favorite Stuffed Animal, Baby Monitor, Rocker, Nose-Sucker Syringe, Baby Tylenol, Teething Ring, Baby Clothes, Onesies, Stroller, Carrier, Comb & Brush, Baby Sticker Calendar (to mark all of the baby's first words, steps, doctor's appts., weight, length, etc.), A Baby Journal, ETC. I am proud to say that none of my children EVER had diaper rash. Desitin & baby Powder are a must along with changing them often. I'm sure you already know all of this.
Whatever you do, take the time to ENJOY your baby because they grow up way too fast! If you are relaxed, your baby will be relaxed. They feel what you are feeling. Also, ALWAYS follow your instincts & motherly intuition when it comes to your child! YOU know that baby better than anyone else!
Hang in there and my best to you and your little one! God Bless.
~ Vicki ~
Congratulations Alyssa! You have one wonderful boy! I hope he will be one great person like is Mom! :)
By the way! Today is birthday of my friend, Ena. She's your big fan and she would be happy if you say happy birthday to her :) Can you do it?Please... Thanks
Don't know its been so long congratulations 
Hello alissa, regards from Venezuela. still i remember your TV Serie who´s the boss, i´m your fans number one, by dear...
I didn't click on the link but if you put Aden and anaiis swaddle blankets/wraps that is my favorite baby item 2nd time around. And (in a few months) BABY MUM-MUM'S!!! those things are magic to munchie/teething children.
FuzziBunz diapers tops my list. Can't stand the paper ones, and Baby Wes doesn't like them either. Zero diaper rashes, and none of that weird chemical smell that the paper ones give off. One of those baby fences has worked out really well for us, too. Oh, and of course the BabeSafe mattress covers from Australia!
Now that my 8 month old is working on his two top teeth it's time to bring out Hylands baby homeopathic teething tablets. I wish there was more I could do that is totally natural but every little bit counts.
We loved using the Bumbo. Helped our little guy with strengthening his core. He was a champion sitter in no time. Plus he loved having a sitting view of the world. :) Good luck with your little one.
Hey Alissa, you look so nice with your baby belly ;) Much Love from France xxx
That picture of you with the baby on the cover of US Weekly is stunning, you look beautiful and your baby is adorable.
We use most of those items with our twin boys. I would add boppy pillows and bumbo seats (for when they get older) :) Milo is gorgeous!
You've popped and still look great! Highly jealous lol Congrats anyways being a mummy is a whole new experience. Enjoy them as babys :)
From my experience, the number one essential baby need is a mom, and it looks like you've got that covered lady.
I've a nephew coming Nov. 8th. This comes in handy! :-)
I did not read any of the comments above, so I apologize for repeating someone's must have. I put Vaseline on my daughters toosh after bathtime at night. It helps prevent chafing from the diaper when they pee in the middle of the night. And whenever she was gassy at night instead of wasting money on gripe water, I made a "sugar tit". Grab one of the baby rags put a little bit of sugar in the center, fold up the rag and twist so the sugar is in a little knot, then you wet it and let baby suck on it. Works wonders!
We love Zelda's Tiny Love mobile- bought it on Amazon. The colors, movements and music are perfect and keep her occupied so I can get ready for work in the morning!
Baby hip hugger. Its the best money we ever spent! So saves your back when walking your little one to sleep!
Burt's Bees Boo Balm. It works on everything: baby's bumps and bruises, but also badly chapped lips, eczema spots, zits, itchies, you name it.
olive oil for my wee one's eczema and dry skin. Also when she was little her cuddly seahorse that glowed and played classical music was a sleep saver!! It helped her fall asleep instantly! Now at 2 years old she still has it on at bedtime :D xx
Hello Alyssa'm a fan of yours forever and I want you my congratulations for your talent but also for your child! Good life to you. Paolo.
David Wright or Ike Davis onesie! Can't get Reyes one anymore. Gotta wait and see on Tejada. 
For me the most important baby item was a cuddly blanket and my amazing wife!
Been a while but my essentials were the Diaper bag, with diapers and wipes with bottles of lactaid, My oldest was lactose intolerent, teddy bear and the most important BINKY aka the pacifier :-)
A Baby Daddy, While not Essential, is always a nice Carriage Accessory, especially @ the Mall
you are wearing that well, best luck girlfriend
a baby?oh no my dream is shattered lol Congratulations sexy
i have already had my baby 37 years ago and now i have my three grandchildren and im fifty two their all under sixteen, may God bless your children as wel melissa
Mine was baby wipes formula and all clothes these were the esentials my oldest is 19 youngest 7 had a good run :)
thats disgusting
you are disgusting freak
went to link, some of the site is partially broken. Still enjoyed information, thank you.
Bblanket. Socks. Sucky. Sunglasses.Dollar Figurine.Mobile of some sort.Mosquito Screen.Picture of Something dog,bird, myself 
portable bed  called a Familiar Environment made by BabyLULU something like that..
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