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I think the link may be dead. It redirects to a newsletter. Don't see your baby! =)
He's absolutely precious and you're glowing!! Congrats!!
Hmm, I get a page not found on mobile. :(
congratulations :-)
Click "Moms & Babies" at the top
J. roto
nothing but Nicole Richie's need for a boob job...or not?
Oh wow congratulations! He looks so healthy and aware. :)

Off Topic...will they ever let that Who's the Boss stigma go?
Really cool Alyssa ^^. I have four of this ^^.
How many people get to link a national publication to show off their offspring? I usually have to link flickr!
He's the absolute cutest. Beautiful picture. Can't wait for my copy to arrive :D SO sweet!
I thought the glowing was supposed to stop after giving birth. ;)
Andy H.
Cute! All the best!
Good job mom, looks like you've got a fine boy there.
awww, he's soooo adorable!!! Congratulations
Enjoy your sweet boy! You're both beautiful.
Dan Dan
It seems like yesterday you were in "Commando" and you were one of the actresses loved ones...
Love it! Enjoy your little moments. They fly by.
CONGRATS!! He is one lucky boy!! Enjoy him each and everyday because you can NEVER go back even one day!!
So precious! Congrats! Gorgeous little guy. :-)
Very cute. Congratulations
Congratulations to all of you.
He's such a beautiful baby. It's been a long time since mine were that little. Congratulations and good luck!
Congratulations! He's BEAUTIFUL! Hope you are feeling well. I'm glad he's not making it too tough on you.
Congrats!! :) He'll show you who the boss is... lol
Congrats. He is so cute. Enjoy the moment they grow up so fast.
thanx for the add!! congrats on baby milo xx
Congratulations! Totally adorable!
Congratulations!! He is beautiful and has more hair than me ;)
Wonderful. So happy for you and David.
Awwwww...well now I know why you disappeared for a while !! God bless you and your family !!

-Dr. Sugar Ray wink
Thanks +Bernhard Nahrgang - for a moment there it looked like she was talking about Justin Long! :)

Congrats, Alyssa - you two look wonderful!
I clicked on the link.. and US Magazine pops up, but I don't see anything about you on the 'cover'. Am I missing something?
At the top, just click moms and babies.
AHHH! Thank you, Dean! Absolutely gorgeous! (And mom ain't half bad, either.) Congratulations!!
Félicitations aux heureux parents !
I'm gonna die from cuteness!!! he is absolutely adorable, may he have health, luck and hapiness! Love mommy Alyssa!!!! +Alyssa Milano
Beautifu, Beautifu, Beautifu,... :))) Kiss for Alyssa and Milo! :))) :***
i really wanted to see him but the link is dead and i couldn't get anywhere else on the site .... i'll have to google for piks later
Congratulations he is as cute as you are!
Congrats :-) I have a 5 week old daughter ... like Milo, she is great!!

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Gosh, you and Milo look so stunning! Congratulations!
Congratulations! He's beautiful. I have two boys myself. Your lives are now changed forever for the better:-)
Such a great pic. You look absolutely amazing and Milo is just perfect.
Kal El
Congrats on your +baby and all +Alyssa Milano but i think what's most important here and I'm sure people want to know... Will there be a #whostheboss movie anytime soon? ;) 
Dawn C
Such a nice pic
He is beautiful!!!! Congrats
aww! ur baby Milo is so precious! i wish u the best of luck!
Look at that lil cutie with his eyes open!!! So, so handsome! You look great as well, mom (in one of my favorite colors of course!)! Radiant! :-)
Alyssa you have one handsome son, being a mom looks good on you, enjoy every moment with your son
congratulations! wishing you & your family the best =)
He's absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations!!
Bendiciones to your little expanding family Alyssa & hubby. Much love and happiness is on the way for sure. Que Dios lo guarde todos. :)
How cute! You are glowing.. so happy for you.
Oh come on... The article must be wrong! You certainly don't look 38! You are still a baby yourself! You look great and he is so beautiful! Congratulations!
Congratulations ..Just don't hire Tony Danza as your live in Maid j/k
Beautiful baby. :) And a nice picture of your both.
You're so gorgeous, & he is so handsome! You seem like such a great mom! :)
Your baby is adorable, and it's a very nice pic of you too! :)
You look wonderful as usual, and baby boy is very cute. I am glad that you are both healthy.
Can't see.. there's a pic of Beyonce & Jay-Z there????? Congratulations anyway!!
Wow what a beautiful baby with a head of hair, get your sleep!
Congratulation Milo Thomas is gorgeous xx
How pretty ________ Congratulation!
Beautiful Baby Boy. He looks so content and healthy. You look good as well. Congratulations to all of you.
What a beautiful child (so calm too). Congratulations! So happy for you :-D!!!!
He is just beautiful. :) Treasure every moment you have with him now... those evil teenage years will be here before you know it.
U look good for just having a baby!!!! congrats!!
Congrats! Take lots of pictures becuase they change so much each day. You will be a wonder Mom!
You're glowing in the picture on US Magazine. Congrats on the beautiful baby boy!
I wish you the best!, congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy!
He's beautiful and you look amazing! Congratulations! Enjoy him...they grow so fast!
CONGRATS on the new arrival! Sooo cute! All the best!
Our congratulations to the most fashionable with the birth of a boy is perfectly! I sincerely wish you health of your entire family! respected family Piltoyan Yuriy.
J Von
He's beautiful! You are already a wonderful mommy!!
nawww cute a boyfriend for Willow!
Very beautiful mommy! Congrats to you and your husband
Milo looks content and at peace. Congratulations to you and David.
What an absolutely perfect angel. A beautiful pic of momma and baby!
He is perfect! Congrats :-) Bet your smiling right now, while you watch him... oh no, in Calif. you are sleeping... Have a great day!
Beautiful baby and mother..Congrats
He is such a peanut Alyssa! Congratulations to you and your husband! trust me when i say it goes by quick! my son will be 2 in december and i dont know where the time went! theyre only little once so spend as much time with him as possible! and remember mommy time every now and then is important! good luck and best of wishes with your new bundle of joy. ~Brittany~
Rina D
"Milo Thomas" is his name!? -That's a sweet name!
Congrats, Lyssa! And also congrats to ur husband/ the father!! Enjoy the ups and downs... and great life of being a Family, y'all!!! :)
congratulations to u both its the best feeling in the world being a mummy my lil girl is 8 months now time goes so fast so enjoy every moment :) X
Congratulations!!! Its a great miracle to bring a beautiful baby into this world. 
Congratulations! I wish you all the best success as a mom. My wife and I are expecting our first in March. We are both following you in the hopes of gleaming more insight into what to expect. :-)
Congratulations!!! I have 3 beautiful girls & they are the best thing in my life. They are the real love of my life!!
congragulations Alyssa.
Heidi B
Awww! Congratulations Alyssa!
Congratulations,and I wish you good health,from Hungary!!!! :)
hello um first off cograts kids are cool i got 6 and 3 grandbabies and found out one on the way but i have a question on something you might have fun with would you help me in fields im having trouble in im trying to open an amusement center here in havre de grace maryland and i realy need help with a building and i can take it from there it is an awsom thing for so many people i get to employ 270 people at start and it will b nice to open another in the southern maryland to but that is later first i got to get this done i have all the paper work you would need to see um even if you cant help me can you still give me a no even run it by your hubbie and maby it would be something you might consider let me know thank you
Cue little Apple Dumpling Boy!
saludos desde Temuco,Chile. soy un fiel seguidor de The Charmed.
From Who's the Boss to Outer Limets to a Baby Boy, WOW, congratulations, all the best Alyssa, my wife and I luv ya
by the way thats my little angel {granddaughter} Jasminn{jazzy}
He's so beautiful! Congratulations!
hiiiiiii alysa i m ur frnd form india..........and u r my favourite actress of u
Hi Alyssa, Haven't seen you since we worked on The Outer Limits. How are things?
congrats!!! your a great role model! awww milo is soo cute
Congratulation for you new baby, he's so cute, I wish you a lot of happiness, i send you a hug and god bless your son.
I searched the online mag until I found a pic, congratulations Alyssa he is so beautiful xx
Niki K.
Beautiful! <3
he is just adorable! congratualtions
He is such a handsome little man!! Congradulations ^_^
Congrats to both you and Daddy....opening of a new chapter in life is always exciting!
Congratz Alyssa!!! i'm so happy you had the baby!!!! he will be the luckiest baby on earth because of you, a wonderful mother! love from Italy<3
I'm very late 'cause I just joined, but CONGRATS!! Wishing you tons of happy times together!!
Ur my idol, Alyssa Milano! Since I saw you in Charmed and My girlfriend's boyfriend, I've loved you with my entire heart. This might be weird reading a comment from just a random person, but I truly adore you!!! God Bless your baby boy, he's a handsome little boy, your husband, he's amazing, and you, Alyssa Milano, you're tremendous!!
I love charmed!!! I've been sick with chronic fatigue for about 3 months now and every day charmed is on at 12 o'clock. I've hardly missed an episode!!! I'm like a charmedaholic!! :)
i love u alyssa, u acted real on charmd,i even tot of given u a kiss wen i c u but am unfortunate nt 2b in d same city wit u,but somday am gona giv it 2 ur!!!
Hi Alyssa just want to let you know I'm a big fan of yours. My favorite tv serie is Charmed I read that your are the producer you really have alot of talen good for you! Thank you to existe you are realy great actress Congrad to you and you your little family!!! Just to let you that you are know in Montreal!!
hey sry but youve got the wrong alyssa your looking for alyssa milano not not me alyssa gaskill
Alrit,tnx 4 dat.enjoy
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i  love your show charmed and im watching it right now
Can't see your baby lyssa.:( Its Lisa sweetheart I'm safe to follow again ,I've missed my biggest supporter and her army :) and our baseball :( I'm going to twitter you. And follow you follow back so I can DM you .the account is private I want to See how your businesses are doing your baby and your hubby is fantastic I hope :p. I'll be in Cali for a day or 2 collecting belongings at the house in the Air.And I want to exchange numbers so we can meet up before I move on .I haven't seen the baby yet .I've been thru a lot .lost weight as I get older .lucky me :p size 8 jeans and small top 140 .I feel to small and saggy inner thighs you know an exercise also my neck got worse gobble gobble .I'll need surgery at some point .My heart feels great its healed .I can feel again and just open to the right mind and look and personality how they speak with some humor is a plus..self confidence is what its about and being a Man to my Women .there got to be a few out there for me .that arnt drama queens and extroverts 24/7 .that's exhausting for my brain. Since I'm a Visual thinker.I grew up thru this nightmare you thrive or die..Yeah thrive.My studio is tiny and costly but subsidized 1,287 mo but at least I'm not homeless like I was 2 yrs Jim lead me astray made me homeless .never got the house he built .so that put my in danger serious .I will have to talk to him about making it up civily instead of scandal the damages have been serious I was put in a coma poisioned and he knew where I was and sent me no help .adont judge him I ts for me to judge only I just want you to understand where I'm coming from .It in no way effects your sweetness and how you went to bat for me against his ex when she was spreading rumors to Dr drew about meth which I wasn't on and you openly fought for me I'll never forget what a hero you were to me over and over and your brother 2 :p I miss you all much .See you soon for a day before I move I need a hug just for you saved for yrs sincerely your friend forever Shapiro xoxo
Il est trop mignons !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you on charmed !
Félicitations, but i can't see him. I'm sûre he's like you, very Nice.
Right on allyssa u deserve all the happyness you can handle you are in my book one of thee bestactresses ever and hottest lol
I am a Liberian in Italy milano I have a important story .I was born Dec 25 1971
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