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Save Hamza Kashgari
A 23 year old journalist risks getting killed for a tweet
A 23 year old journalist risks getting killed for a tweet
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Please sign the petition on the bottom
Saving Hamza Kashgari update, stolen posts, and a public apology from me

26,632 people call for his death on Facebook

7,894 people sign an online petition asking for the charges to be dropped

Death Penalty for a Tweet (continued)

TL;DR sign the online petition at the bottom.

A 23 year old journalist's life is at stake, read about it in my original post here.

I asked in that post for everyone to share that post.

I also asked for you to show support by following this page +Save Hamza Kashgari

I'm very happy that my original post was shared almost 200 times and that many people showed their support by joining that page and by their wonderful comments and reshares.

I'd like to thank +Ayoub Khote +Mari Thomas +Brian Krassenstein +Marc Rossmiller +Emmett Lollis, +Yaozhou Zhang, +U-Ming Lee, +Ugo Cei +Joe Martinez +Shauna Myers, +Kwan Nam and all the others, too many to list here, for sharing what I considered an important message.

I would also like to publicly apologize to +Alireza Yavari for privately and publicly accusing him of plagiarizing my post.

It's true that he posted an almost identical post of mine with an identical title about an hour after I posted the original, which can be found here:

Initially I was angry and hurt to see a post that I had almost cried writing being posted as if written by someone else (someone with over 40 000 followers) without any attribution or reference to my original post. Even more surprized to find it on a page with an identical name of the page I referenced. I even sought the advice of many people I trust including +Dan Soto +Carter Gibson +Max Huijgen and +Jack C Crawford.

I am ashamed to admit that I even wrote a draft to chastize him for what I perceived as an injustice. I was wrong to have those feelings. The message is more important than who wrote it.

I am happy that he felt the issue was important enough to post about. I am honoured that he found my words compelling enough to include in his post. And I am grateful that his post was shared almost 100 times.

I hope he can accept my apology. He was kind enough to apologize and offer his explanation here in one of the last comments of this post.

He was even gracious enough just a few hours ago to edit a one-week old long-forgotten post to include a link to my original post.

I ask all of you to continue your support by doing these things and I hope +Alireza Yavari will join me in this call :

1. Sign the online petition

2. Share this post or the original as you see fit.

3. Follow +Save Hamza Kashgari

4. Suggest anything you think will help.

I want to thank all of you and apologize for bugging you with my personal issues.

I hope I didn't let you down too much +Brian Locke and all the other wonderful people that I get a chance to talk to here.

Special thanks to +Jack C Crawford for making me realize the errors of my way.

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Please help.
Call for action - Please share – Death penalty for a tweet

I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don't understand about you. I will not pray for you.

These words were tweeted last week by a 23 year old journalist. For these words in that tweet, this 23 year old journalist may soon die. Put to death by the state.

Almost immediately after the tweet he started receiving death threats for these words.

The journalist apologized and deleted the tweet. Still the death threats came in. He fled his country for Malaysia.

The Saudi authorities asked for his return so that he can be punished for his "crimes". Fortunately for the journalist Saudi Arabia does not have formal extradition procedures with Malaysia.

Fortunate also for this journalist is that his attorney won an injunction in the Malaysian courts preventing his deportation until the case can be heard in Malaysia.

Unfortunate for this journalist, none of that matters. The rule of law doesn’t matter in Malaysia. The government is deporting him to Saudi Arabia just the same where he will be tried for blasphemy and where he could receive the death penalty.

I am begging you, please do not stand by and do nothing while this man’s life hangs in the balance.

What’s at stake :

1. This man’s life
2. Internet freedom
3. Freedom of expression
4. Freedom of the press
5. Freedom of conscience

I hope all journalists, writers, and everyone that cares about his fellow man will not allow this most inhumane killing to take place.

Please do the following :

1. Share this post
2. join the page +Save Hamza Kashgari
3. Organize and make suggestions
4. Let’ find a way together to save his life

I’m hoping for support from +INTERNET FREEDOM +Reporters sans frontières +Reporters Without Borders and any all journalists and journalist organisations and most importantly you.

Together we can make a difference. Let’s try.

Thank you
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