[To My Followers]

A number of people have started following me in the past several days. Welcome. Many of my posts are public and I'm thrilled that you find what I have to share interesting.

When I'm deciding who to add to my circles, I look at your Posts and About tabs (your other tabs, too, but the first two are key) to determine whether you are someone I want to follow back. When there is no information about who you are—no posts, no profile information—I am very unlikely to follow you.

For the moment, since I don't necessarily know what you're interested in, and what you want to avoid, most of my posts are public. However, I have a number of circles dedicated to people with specific interests and, as I get a better feel for who wants to see what, posts on specific topics may be limited to those who've expressed an interest.

If you want to see posts on a specific topic, especially one that isn't mentioned on your About tab, please let me know. I'm still refining my circles, so this list may change, but the general categories include, in no particular order:
• building and architecture, especially with respect to green building and universal design
• geekery, especially, but not limited to, IT
• game development
• gaming
 Note: Currently, for both game dev and gaming, I'm lumping video, computer, and pen & paper games together.
• visual arts (art & photography), (movies & television)
• music
• science and technology
writing and editing
 • fiction writing
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • horror
  • speculative fiction
  • interstitial works
 • technical writing and editing
 • editing and proofreading
folklore, fairy tales, and mythology
 • higher education
 • adult education
 • alternative education
• family and parenting
• genealogy
• politics
 • environment and climate
 • health
 • human and animal well-being

As you can see, I've got a lot of circles, expressing many interests. Polite people call me eclectic; not so polite people might call me scattered, unfocused, or say I'm "all over the place" with regard to my interests.
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