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10 reasons to choose Drupal for your e-commerce solution
My personal top 6 from own experiences:
1. Less development time > cheaper solutions
2. Customer journey analysis & CRO is easier to manage > lower maintenance cost
3. Drupal Feeds allows fast bulk product updates > higher time to market
4. Drupal Commerce order management reduces additional administrative tasks
5. Drupal's user and role management allows seamless B2C>B2B integration for dedicated customers > flexibility in growth and increased ROI
6. SEO friendly content linked to e-shop products > higher conversion

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Mobilegeddon : google's new SEO algorithm
Een stap van +Google in de goede richting voor de mobielvriendelijke webdesigners.
Is je site nog niet mobielvriendelijk (responsive) ? Overweeg dan een samenwerking met ons om je (weer) in de Google kijker te zetten.

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UX research guides & methods #meten_is_weten
Interesting and very useful quandrant for organising your UX research activities and related tools and methods. Source :

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Timeline grid shifting using CSS
Working today on improved responsiveness on iPad for Tc Zelem's classified ads blog :

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Mobile device testing
Busy with interactive multi device testing via +Sauce Labs
Site must be production ready by monday.

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15GB Free cloud storage +5GB for each new referral
Joined cloud strorage on  +Guido Jansen 's invitation.
If you're looking for free cloud storage with a significant growth potential, COPY.COM grants you an additional 5GB for each incoming referral. Click on my link below and already receive your first 20GB totally for free!

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Boosting your drupal site
Busy days and less time to post something on my G+ wall. Sunday morning after some first snow seemed the perfect time to share something about boosting Drupal's performance.
Target was my recently finished TC Zelem website with a significant amount of content 'stuffed' in homepage.
The out-of-the-box Drupal caching for anonymous users showed me page loads between 5 and 9 seconds. Way too high to keep visitors attracted in the queue...
With 3 steps, i managed to decrease full load time down to 4 seconds in a shared hosting environment :
1. Enable PHP memcached on my Apache server in combination with the assisting Drupal module
2. Install Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation in Drupal
3. Install Drupal Boost, Cache Expire and Boost crawler modules
The Cache expire comes in very handy since it allows expiration rules on content type level.
Separated content delivery (CDN) was a 4th option, but not applied in this workout
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