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The latest news on the biggest issue of our time.
The latest news on the biggest issue of our time.

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So what's the significance? Obviously, another global surface temperature surge (or upwards stair step) has occurred. Here's the real significance from my view point (monitoring global climate news plus being familiar with the relative weakness and strengths of different Earth systems models): soil and vegetation moisture content has reached a tipping point globally over the last two years. This surface layer (soil and vegetation) component of our terrestrial ecosystems is a critical element in the global climate system, and yet it is poorly integrated into and between global-scale models.

What I'm talking about here is the plants and soil. Is the soil dry, hard, and cracked? Are the worms and beetles that normally live in the dirt alive and thriving, or mostly dead? Are the plants watered and healthy? Or are they struggling to survive - or actually turning yellow, brown, and even dying? Is the Amazon rainforest turning into dry scrub forest? Are the trees lining your streets dying?

This tipping point is irreversible. So our ecosystems - on both a local and global scale - are changing right now into permanently more arid states. This is an ecological phase shift.

Typical climate charts presented by NOAA and other organizations don't show things like "Complete Ecosystem Collapse" of the Great Barrier Reef. Nor do they show the impending collapse of the Amazon Rain Forest. But maybe they should. At the same time, presenting this sort of information distresses - even overwhelms - unprepared observers (aka the public). So perhaps some disclaimers should be used?

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The tourism industry will be crushed if the reef isn't worth visiting anymore.

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Even the soft corals are bleached.

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While The Great Barrier Reef began bleaching in 2016, nearby Australian mangrove forests were experiencing a massive die-off as well.

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Global Coral Die Off
Recent research has shown that (1) 50% of Great Barrier coral cover died off over the past 30 years and (2) the bleaching events seen worsening in recent years have never happened in at least the past several centuries.

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A worst case scenario seems to be playing out here with The Great Barrier Reef.

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The Great Barrier Reef Death Watch:
20+% died last year and this year is shaping up to be as bad or worse, as recent video, like this one, shows.

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10 minute interview on how humans have radically changed the Earth's mineral signature.

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Plug-in electric car (EV) sales in the US have jumped considerably in the past few months. I am certainly seeing more on the road by the day. Here's an interesting site with stats covering monthly sales by make and model in the US.
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Record heat and humidity hits Australia:
"Temperatures may rise above 45C [113F] in western Sydney this weekend as a heatwave is expected to set a new record for the hottest three days in February ever on recorded."

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