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Is there a variable (for use in a URL for a background image) that resolves to the screen density... e.g. 4.0 or 3.0?

I am using a WebView to load a web page that:

-- uses a service worker based closely on this:
-- which also loads scripts dynamically based on this:

This works great in Desktop Chrome, and has been working great too in the WebView... after fetching resources for the first time (including the above dynamically loaded scripts), these are stored nicely in the 'runtime' service worker cache and are fetched from the 'runtime' cache as expected thereafter.

BUT recently in my WebView I've been finding that, despite the page having loaded several times so that all resources have been safely stored in 'runtime' service worker cache, sometimes when the page is requested again, the code is reaching the 'script.onerror' function from the dynamic script loading code linked above... but only for some resources, not all, and not every time... seems quite random really.

I've implemented a retry mechanism now, so that the failed script is loaded again if I reach `onerror`, and it's working more reliably now... but I'm troubled as to why it would ever get to `onerror` in the first place... and why it's happening now but not before.

I can't pinpoint when this started happening, but I'm fairly sure it coincided with an update of Chrome (stable version) on my device... it's now 62.0.3202.73.

I'm probably not providing enough info to be of help, but I thought I'd share this in case the devs/mods know what might be the problem.

My page continues to work fine (without ever reaching `onerror`) on Desktop Chrome. And in the WebView it seems to work fine (without reaching `onerror`) when service workers are switched off in the code.

P.S. I've now installed Chrome beta on my device and I've switched WebView to the beta channel now to see if it's the same, or different.

At what point did the "uninstall" option disappear from the popup menu from an app icon on the home screen? Have to go into App Info and then uninstall... why did we lose the direct option?

Why is the app (Data Manager) not in Play Store when searched on a Samsung S5 Neo... I shared a link to such a device but it says item not found.

Widget selection screen forgets where it was

When I long press on the home screen to bring up the widget selection screen, and then place a widget, when I long press again on the home screen to add another widget, I would expect the widget selection screen to open in the same place it was before (so that I can add another widget from the same app).

But it doesn't. Instead it opens at the top (Nova Launcher, then alphabetically).

And I'm 99% sure that it used to work as expected. Sometimes it seems to open up in the previous location, and then (all by itself) scrolls up to the top.

Anyone else seeing this?

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The only little thing that bugs me at the moment is that the battery history graph doesn't update itself until the battery level changes. So when the battery level remains constant (e.g. when fully charged and still plugged in) the demarcation between past and future (dark/light) gets stuck in the past... and when eventually the level does tick down one notch, a line is drawn all the way from the distant past to the present, so that it appears that a gradual change has happened over a long time, rather than dropping down from a moment before.

Loving this app otherwise!

Tasker keeps various bits of useful information in system variables (e.g. %WIFII, %CELLSIG), and these can form the basis of a context... e.g. trigger when %CELLSIG falls below a certain threshold.

What is missing (for me) is a WiFi equivalent of %CELLSIG, i.e. a system variable that holds the current WiFi signal level.  Shame it's not there by default.  (Someone will probably chip in now and say that there is one...)

Anyhow, what I've done is to create my own %WIFISIG variable to keep track of the current WiFi signal level, which I extract from %WIFII.  (That in itself is tricky because it seems that %WIFII doesn't always have the same information in the same order.)

Onto my actual question...

Because I'm using %WIFISIG as a context trigger, I need to update it every so often, which I do via a time context (trigger every 5 mins, for example).

Now, this will of course require my device to wake up from deep sleep every 5 mins to determine %WIFISIG.  

Also, I assume that Tasker is anyway waking up every X mins (set in the preferences) to update many of the other system variables (e.g. %CELLSIG).  

So is it possible to get Tasker to update my system variable at the same time as the others?  e.g. trigger my %WIFISIG updating action based on when it is waking up to update the other system variables?

That way, the device is kicked out of deep sleep as little as possible.


I have a profile with context of "Display State Off" + "Not Power Any".

Mostly this profile activates when it should, but sometimes I've noticed that it activates when I'm actually using the device, without power... with screen on. It activates and then very quickly deactivates.

Any idea why this would happen? It should never activate with the screen on.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S2.
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