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You're a lagline.
You're a lagline.

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Filemaker Pro & APEasy - user receiving alert that there's a licensing conflict with themselves.
Problem: When opening APEasy, it displays an error that you've reached your maximum number of licensed users. In my instance, this error was only affecting one user on one computer. Though this is comprehensive, it is not refined. At a point I threw up my h...

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Go go Ford Fusion Energi!

I recently purchased the quick-charge cord for my PHEV - though below is a bit of an exaggeration (I reset the MPG counter when I got the cord) - currently I'm sitting at about 175mpg.

One of the surprising downsides, is less reliance on gasoline - which as you can see below, I'm sitting at near empty! (probably 15miles of gas!)

Life is all fun and games until my battery runs out, at which point the color drains from my face and I'm poking the map trying to find a gas station.

A cool thing about this car, if you're not in the know, is unlike a Prius, the electric engine can go 95 miles per hour, and when you punch it, both engines kick on to provide additional torque.


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How to merge or combine cells in Google Documents
Quick post: Lets say you have two columns in a Google  Sheets First Name | Last Name And you want to combine them.  if you use the merge cells tool, it's going to remove one of the columns. Looking online, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to merge them,...

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The suggestion of direction is an illusion.

Alright +Google - I need some google cash! please send me thousands of opinion reward surveys.

I promise the money will be going right back into your pocket - I want/need google nest & google home!

I've been a good-googler all year; no trolling, helping others, bringing others into the fold, answering questions and filling things out.

Now I need some google-help with climate control and a google home will help me progress toward my ideal self!

Huzzah, and merry googling.

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Forsythe picnic in the park. 

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Picnic at forsyth park, gearing up for live music from the bandshell. 

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Installing a 2012 R2 VM on a 2012 R2 Hypervisor
I read up on this longer than I needed to. Simply: Change the ram to 1024MB The default value of 512 isn't enough to start the install process. You may also want to change the dynamic starting ram to 1024MB. Details: My issue was that the 2012 r2 installer ...

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Update hostname in Mint Linux
A simple one liner here to update the hostname (computer name of Mint Linux 18). I had to find out the name of the text editor installed. I typed, "text" in the launch bar, opened the text editor, selected: help, about. This told me the name was 'xed' So op...

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Install All Panasonic Drivers
I have a Panasonic laptop. It came with a disk to install all the drivers, you can also download the most current drivers from their website for your model using this nifty utility HERE (Click on Download manager) What that leaves you with is a giant list o...
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