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Intersect Error: Are you kidding me?
Introduction This is a rant.  There is useful information in it.  (Don't get me started on the inanity of the phrase "useless information"!) Today I was working on a project.  Many of my projects go this way: Work on it a little each month as that reporting...

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Been busy...tale of two clients
Where have I been? For the last 3 months I've been heads down on a project while still holding down a 25% commitment to other duties.  Meanwhile, the usual family and household duties kept me busy, too. I had thought about trying to write during my few hour...

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How To: Late Bind (2): Existing or New Instance
Introduction In  How To: Late Bind , the ability to either bind to an existing
instance of or a new instance of another "foreign" Office
application, e.g. binding an Excel project to an instance of Word, was covered. What was not included
was the ability to...

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How To: Late Bind
UPDATED June 26, 2013 Because of some discoveries that came with experience, this post has been modified and re-published.  In essence, the discovery is that there were some untested assumptions about the consistency of CreateObject() and GetObject() for al...

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How To: Late Bind (2): Multiple Foreign Instances
Introduction How To: Late Bind provided the code needed to late bind to foreign Office applications, e.g. Word while working in Excel.  This included creating a new instance or attaching to an open instance.  What it did not address was cases where For perf...

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Remote Copy and Paste, version 2 (Optional Paste Special) ...Part 1
Introduction In Remote Copy and Paste, version 1, I introduced the problem, i.e. copy-and-paste data then return to (or never leave) a worksheet.  In that post I provided a userform and code to do just that. In this post I consider the requirements of full-...

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Updating a Date field to Today
A fun read... Recently, thanks to an email from, I read a Today() ain't so bad... at Daily Dose of Excel.  It discussed, with a nice bit of humor, the need to add an effective date to a work sheet with what we used to call this "Idiot Proofing"....

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Arrays 101.02: Creating Arrays in VBA
Introduction In Arrays 101.01 the discussion was about arrays in general.  In this post, the subject is how to create arrays using VBA.  Later posts will get into how to add data to arrays. What does an array look like in VBA You can identify an array varia...

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Late Binding: What they don't tell you!
Introduction In  Access VBA Variable = Maximum Access table value  I introduced one of my projects.  It uses MS-Access to store many months of data.  Each month I receive two MS-Excel files, link them to tables in the Access database, append one to the tabl...

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Access VBA Variable = Maximum Access table value
Introduction Unlike most of my posts to date, this has to do with some VBA code in an Access standard module. Project Description This Access project has an Account table and every month we run a set of queries that links Excel worksheets, loads the data in...
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