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Any Chicago personal injury attorney will attest that this is true. Though police reports have long bee inadmissible at trial, insurance companies heavily rely on report contents at the claims stage. A poorly written or plain inaccurate report can cause a claim that should resolve quickly to end up as a time consuming and costly lawsuit.
It's not uncommon for judges to dismiss tickets against drivers on the grounds that the citations contain major errors, like misidentifying the street where an alleged traffic violation occurred, beca...
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I just read this article. I saw it on Yahoo! Very, very interesting. I'm not sure yet what it means for my crash analysis. I always use IDOT data because I haven't figured out how to get CPD/CDOT data.

The reason this is important to CDOT is that it needs CPD data for its timeliness as IDOT's corrected data doesn't come out until August or September in the following calendar year. So 2011 data will come out in August 2012.
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