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This video clip epitomizes everything I feel about the Occupy Wall Street movement.
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Brian -
I'm a student at NYU, taking a political theatre class, where our curriculum directly engages Occupy Wall Street, and as part of a final discussion, I am looking to speak with you about your experiences with Occupy Wall Street, and even more so, your newest experiences in dealing with occupying the NATO Summit in Chicago.

I read an article in the Chicago Tribune in which you were quoted extensively, and would love to hear more about what you had to say! Please reach out if any of this interests you at all!

Jenna, While I am very politically motivated and like to think that my opinions are worth reporting, it must have been a different Brian Bean that was quoted in the texts you read. I did, however, consider applying to NYU's Master's program for international relations and hope you are having a great education there. Out of curiosity, what's your major?
I'm currently a lighting design major - I just take some political theatre classes! Sorry for the mixup, but thanks for your response!
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