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Need help - please.

Hey everyone,

Like I said before, I've started my WtC campaign down here in Tampa and we're having a great time. What I'm struggling with is my Merlin type player. Here's the problem.

He wants to run a Summoner type, a Jewish Rabbi who can summon minor angels.

We want to use a form of the rules found in the Tool Kit about making a magic system, most specifically the conjurer, but it's not working out. As much as I struggle with the math, I can't make it work.

There are 4 types of angels that he can summon, with a value of 1 - 4. If he uses a 'conjuration' skill that we stole from the toolkit and adds his Magical Cunning to Conjuration which gives him a +8. Even the most difficult summoning is only a +4 to achieve, so his +8 does not make it much of a challenge. Doubling the number doesn't really work because the easiest, a +1 becomes a +2, and on a +8 it's not worth a roll.

Also, the number of creatures that he can control is becoming a problem. He wants to control a number equal to the sum of the Conjuration and Magical Cumming, so up to 2 of the big angels, which will be OP.

Should I scrap this idea and go with something more in line with the basic WtC concepts and make the summoning a stunt? If so, what would it look like?

To further complicate this he wants to be able to use enchantments that can buff the other players. How do I handle that?

Any help and ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

Just a quick note.

Played our first game of WtC yesterday at my house with a gaming group. We loved it. It's our first time playing a FATE based game, and I'm sure that we got a lot of things completely wrong, but we're getting through.

The game is a lot of fun and my players are eating up the setting.

Thanks again, Marion. We're going to run it regularly at my place in Tampa for the foreseeable future. 

Here's a quick silly one. Has anyone made a fillable PDF of the character sheet yet? Does anyone plan to?

Question for Marion I suppose.

I use HERO LAB to keep track of my PCs, my NPC, and all stats during the game. (I'm currently running another super hero RPG that kind of requires computer software to keep track of that sort of thing.)

I realize that using the FATE system makes all of this orders of magnitude simpler, but will WtC be comparable with the FATE module of HERO LAB?

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