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last one for today people.

remember that the +G+ Profiling Project is an ongoing project and has no set day. any time you want to spoof someone else's profile pic or personal shot send it to us along with a link to the original so we can add it to our galleries. if you want to know more about the project visit our profile page

there are still more that we have yet to be uploaded so if you have done one and don't see it yet on the page be patient, they will all make it here in time
the +G+ Profiling Project is curated by +Samir Osman +Christina Lawrie +Mark Rodriguez +kimberly pemberton and +Nick Gatens

help this project continue on by sharing the page to your circles
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Wow... I hadn't seen these side-by-side before to see just how brilliant +Mark Rodriguez 's recreation was!
You did it seamlessly, though :). Awesome work!
Dang ... since being tagged I'm getting a notification for everything in the album! (Not that they ain't cool to see again ... ;o))
i am working on that +Robin Griggs Wood and i do apologize. i may have to un-tag all the images which i really didn't want to do but i don't want this to be an annoyance to anyone. but at the same time i want them to get credit for the work
Just mute the first post that was made to create the album. This works on all albums like this - I do it every Selfy Sunday.
I totally understand +Mark Rodriguez -- and wasn't blaming you. I sent more feedback to Google. We tend to just put the names in the captions when we do the Selfy Sunday, for the same reason. But, I know that is more work -- dumb Google! ;oD
it is fixed (i hope) took all the tags out.

+Robin Griggs Wood yeah i have been adding the names in the title from the beginning so removing the tags wasn't too much work.
+Ian Ference -- I haven't seen that work on when being tagged, only when commenting -- but I am willing to try again ... ;o)
ok, this still makes me wet my pants laughing.... thanks for doing such a fine job +Mark Rodriguez ! :D
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