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If Stink Bugs are pestering you or you have had activity in the past call now to schedule a future service. We time our service to be most effective to prevent future infestations. Trius today and prevent stink bugs tomorrow!

Here is a good holiday article from our friends over at Pest World.

Well, the year is coming to a close and the holidays are quickly approaching (my 4 year old reminds me daily, anyone know where I can get a unicorn?)
Since it is the season of giving, we would like to ask that you give us a moment of your time and send some feedback regarding your service and / or staff. Good or bad it will help us to serve you better in the upcoming year.
If you give to us, we will give back to you by taking $10 off your next service. All feedback must be received by our holiday shutdown on December 21 at 3pm. Any feedback received after that will be appreciated but not eligible for the $10 off.

From all of us at Trius Pest Management to you and your family,
Have a joyous holiday season and a safe New Year

While in the field this time of year I get asked by many customers, if they see a mouse does that indicate and infestation?
In normal household situations the answer is, no. It is actually an indication of mice being able to gain access to your home through a small hole. Keep in mind, if you can poke a pencil into a hole a small mouse can fit through.
They are attracted by food and shelter. Give us a call or ask your service technician how we can help you keep the mice out this winter.

Hey gang, head on over to our Facebook page and post up your favorite pet photos. We'll take a look and send a gift to our favorite.

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Some things I get to see while on the job. Names and locations with held to protect 
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Well it looks like the summer is over. Warm days, lower humidity, and cool nights are here. Now it’s time to finally enjoy all the summer projects that are finally finished, kick back on the new deck and enjoy a sunset with a tasty beverage. Leaves are turning and the family is running the dog ragged in the back yard.
Then it happens, the high pitched whine of a mosquito, followed by the pinch of that very mosquito going for some of your blood. SMACK! Got ‘em. WACK! Got another. SLAP! Another. This is getting out of hand, what happened to enjoying the yard? Here come the kids complaining about the mosquitoes. Not what anyone needs this time of year.
All right, everyone inside, and bring the dog in with you!
So now you are sitting on the couch enjoying the game and next thing you know something is crawling across the dogs ear, and another one now working its way up your daughters sock. Upon a closer look you see that there are now ticks making their way around the house. What happened to cool nights killing these things off?
Not cool enough I am sorry to say. From our extremely mild winter last year to the abundance of food for these critters, ticks and mosquitoes are thriving in our area, some say worse than normal.
Give us a call, we may not be able to take your yard back for you this late in the season but we will make a serious dent into the population, then moving into next spring (our services are based on annual service) we will be able to bring the populations down to a more tolerable level.

Mosquito alert
With the recent up-tick in reported cases of West Nile virus in the Midwest we at Trius wanted to just make you aware of not only what you can do to prevent mosquitoes from inhabiting your yard but also to let you know we can help. We have developed a comprehensive mosquito control program that addresses mosquitoes where they breed as well as where they loiter during the day. It is a multi faceted approach that starts with inspection, treatment of ponds and large areas of standing water, and treatment of the bushes where the mosquitoes congregate during the day. 
1. Wear long pants and long sleeve shirts when you are outside especially at dawn and dusk. 
2. Make sure your door and window screens are in good condition.
3. Use a mosquito repellant when you are outdoors. Be sure you read the label and use only <10% DEET on children. 
4. Eliminate standing water around your home. Look for old tires, cans, and check the gutters to be sure they are not clogged. 
5. Maintain swimming pools. If you no longer are using the pool empty or cover it. 
6. Change bird bath water at least once a week. 
7. Call Trius to set up an appointment to treat your property

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