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Bank risk managers and bank examiners should monitor retailer woes very carefully. This is my latest piece on American Banker's BankThink,

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My debut piece at The Hill 'Why are Republicans in such a rush to kill #Dodd-Frank?' 'Like a chorus in a Euripides Greek tragedy, Republican members of the House’s Financial Services Committee have been bemoaning that the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform Act is killing jobs. It is the height of irony that the legislators who are opining on how to reform the financial sector with a proposed bill called the Financial Choice Act are not producing numbers to prove their claims. Fortunately, unlike in ancient Greek times, in 2017 we have access to labor data that disprove Republican claims.'

Please make sure you sign-up for my financial regulatory & capital markets newsletter. The next one comes out tomorrow morning 

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Eliminating the Orderly Liquidation Authority could really hurt Americans. Here is my latest piece in American Banker's BankThink

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Scarsdale Patch: Who Should Grieve Their Taxes?

"Rodriguez Valladares said the American economy has finally emerged from recession, but it is growing "very slowly" pointing to "increased anxiety from geopolitical risks."
"We’re worried about North Korea, Iran, the effects of Brexit, [and] Russia is a concern," she said. "I think the idea that we might achieve something like 4 percent is a bit ambitious."
"In order for the U.S. to grow, it's not just about the monetary policy, [but] we also need to get the fiscal policy side -- that would be the legislature. Even with a Republican majority, there's enough infighting among themselves," she concluded."

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My latest piece at American Banker's BankThink. "The statistician W. Edwards Deming once famously said, “In God we trust; all others bring data.” He might well have been talking about federal bank regulatory policy.

At the heart of the industry-supported push to roll back the Dodd-Frank Act are claims by Republican politicians and industry representatives that the 2010 reform law has been killing lending. These assertions, however, should be backed by data."

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Look forward to teaching bank regulations in #MexicoCity May 4-5 for @MoodysAnalytics

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After 106 years of single party rule, it is time for a choice. Vote Row B for Voters' Choice Party on March 21st 6-9am and 12-9pm at the Scarsdale Public Library.

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After 106 Years of Single Party Rule in Scarsdale, New York, You Deserve a Choice, Row B, The Voters Choice Party. Read here about the VCP candidates' combined century of municipal finance, economics, technology, risk management, and legal expertise.

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