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Upgraded to a Nexus 5X yesterday after my Moto X (2013) decided it would no longer connect to any sort of secured Wi-Fi.

Overall, I like it pretty well, but the "Ambient Display" feature is a far cry from the Moto X's Active Display. I really miss being able to slide the phone from my pocket and simply glance at the time, or my pending notifications, etc. The Moto X would even show Active Display if I tapped it a couple of times while sitting on the desk.

+Google +Android, you have some work to do here...

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Sounds about right...

So, +Motorola Mobility, what're the chances the 2013 Moto X gets Android 5.1 Lollipop before "Android M" gets announced on Thursday? My hopes aren't terribly high.


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Never been a fan of open office. My productivity is an order of magnitude less due to constant interruptions.

cc +Kirill Grouchnikov 

For awhile now, I've been pretty frustrated with YouVersion's Bible app. I'm not sure what they're doing over there, but the experience on Android has been horrible more or less from the beginning (I have no idea if the iOS version is as bad).

The experience is laggy and feels resource intensive. Once you're into the "reading" experience, it's not too bad, but there seems to be no way to skip directly there when starting the app. You always have to go through a feed of "social" stuff first.

The overall UX also suffers greatly. Quickly navigating to a book/chapter/verse is slow and clunky, requiring no fewer than 3 taps, most likely along with some scrolling to find what you want. Loading the subsequent passage adds a few additional seconds to the process. When I'm looking up verses in fairly quick succession, I want to easily hit a reference and then move on with utmost speed. The current UI gets in the way, when it needs to disappear by getting out of my way.

I'm looking around  to see if there's something better out there, though my hopes aren't high. Some of the other major players (i.e. OliveTree, Crossway, etc) have equally bad apps in their own unique ways.

Assuming I can't find something that I like (which seems likely), I'm seriously considering writing my own app.

I think the killer app has these features:
- Only provides a reading experience - launches you directly there.
- Multiple intuitive ways of looking up a reference (e.g. typing w/ autocompletion, quickly pick from a list, or full-text search)
- Maybe some basic bookmarking for quickly flipping between references.
- No note taking.
- No social networking (beyond basic sharing of a passage via Android's built-in tools).
- No reading plans, devotionals, etc.
- No rich graphics. Just really nice text.

Essentially, the best app for reading is one that offers nothing else. That's it's killer feature.

Thoughts anyone?

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definitely no fragmentation on iOS. definitely.

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