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Unique and interesting android apps

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What do the symbols on the status bar of my phone mean?
Here is a list of symbols that normally appear on the status bar of a mobile phone  and what they mean; G - GPRS or 2G. This is the slowest form of internet data speed for mobiles. E - Edge or 2.5G. This is the next highest speed of mobile internet data abo...

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How much storage space does your device really have?
Most devices with 16Gb on-board really don't have that amount on start up this is due to space occupied by the operating system. The illustration below should help clear this up.

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"When is the best time to upgrade my phone?"
I get this question all the time and the easiest answer would be that it depends on the time closest to when your contract runs out. Newcomers to the mobile market such as ZTE, Archos, Oppo, Huawei and Lenovo tend to launch their products at the Consumer El...

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Best Phones To Buy in 2014
This year promises to be the year of companies pushing the limits of what they can cram into mobile devices (2K display anyone?) and here are some of the devices that will rule the roost this year; Android - Galaxy S5 (Due April 2014) - LG G3 (Due March 201...

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Evangelism scripture and statement
God loves you John 3v16 Rom 5v8 All are sinners Rom 3v23 God's remedy for sin Rom 6v23 John 1v12 1 Cor 15v3-4 All may be saved now Rev 3v20 Romans 10v13 Confession: I am a sinner and believe that Lord Jesus died for my sins on the cross and was raised for m...

I can understand it happening on twitter BUT why is Justin Bieber trending on Google+ ?????!
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