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Research Paper
              In any field today it is vastly
important to understand what forms of communication exist and how they are
utilized. In political science one needs to understand how communication works
and specifically how it is utilized in order to understan...

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Research Topic
For my research paper I will answering the question "How has the study of political science changed over the last 50 years and who stands to benefit from these changes?"

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Textual Rhetorical Analysis
In order to properly understand this
author or his article it is important that one must understand the different
strategies utilized in textual rhetoric. There are five major strategies that
are exhibited in DiSalvo’s article; context, substance, style, or...

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DiSalvo Summary
Robinson ENG
250 Summary
assignment     In
Daniel DiSalvo’s The Politics of Studying
Politics: Political Science Since the 1960’s he describes the evolution of
the study of politics; the shifting paradigms and research methods of the
1960’s to current...

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Rosenberg article
agree with Rosenberg’s view on the importance of section headings because they
have helped me numerous times in academic writing assignments when I have large
volumes of text to go through. I would recommend this strategy for those
writing an academic pap...

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Portrait of a Writer
Writing has not always come very
easily for me; in grade school the longest and most comprehensive writing
assignment I was ever tasked with was a one and half page book report on “Lord
of the Rings; The Twin Towers”. In grade school we were taught about th...
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