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Lauren Aquino
Smart, stupid (in a good way), clumsy... or at least that's what everyone says...
Smart, stupid (in a good way), clumsy... or at least that's what everyone says...

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"You think that killing people might make them like you, but it doesn't... it only makes people dead!"

#Election2012 !!! Mitt Romney... only likes Rich, straight, christian men
Rich- gives tax breaks to the millionaires like him
Straight- Is for traditional marriage, against question 6 (gay marriage)
Christian- He doesn't like people other than the religion he is (Mormon)
Men- He will try to take away women's rights; not boys or girls either... he is trying to take away the early education of Sesame Street and PBS altogether...
If he gives tax breaks to the millionaires and to save money for the government that means that we won't have people to fix/build our roads, which creates jobs for people to work and funds for schools for the schools to pay for good teachers. If we don't have people to fix our roads then we don't have jobs to create, and if we don't have funds to give to school no good teacher will take a jobs with a lower pay and we might get a bad teacher and that is taking away actually education we, as kids, need because we are the future of the world and if we aren't properly educated then there won't be a future at all... all because Mitt Romney gave tax breaks to the millionaires...

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This year Halloween fell on a Wednesday

#Halloween   #Halloween2012   #WednesdayAddams   #AddamsFamily   #KristenStewart   #KristenStewartEmotions  

I personally think that #Glee 's choreography is getting easier...
Look at the choreography in ABC and Control
Now, look at Womenizer and Chasing Pavements...
See the (big) difference??

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Some of the most memorable memories of our favorite Glee couples...

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Who's jealous of my TARDIS face paint? 

#Awesome   #DoctorWho   #FacePaint  

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Who thinks Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender is hot ?

Who has the "Cute Blonde Guy" sickness?? I know I do!!
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