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Samsung Galaxy S4  - 
Apparently upon getting the latest version I had to reinstall YouTube.
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Imani Franklin

Samsung Galaxy S4  - 
Yes, at&t is 4.4.2 now.
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so funny
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JxbP just finished with this gorgeous Kiryuin Satsuki by Kill la Kill fanart. See Matoi at
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I'd Lik 2 b her

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So perfect I didn't crop it.
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Can't hurt to try.

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Remember when it was cold... three days ago? -Floridian 
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... Doctrine
How to find out what anime it is without asking what anime?
-- When using this method, if you found something like
Anime: Nichijou | then you question is answered straight away!
-- And, if you found something in the comments like this:
    Yuuki Asuna  9:41 AM
    what anime?
    Kirigaya Kirito  9:42 AM
    +Yuuki Asuna Nichijou
Then your question is answered straight away!
Anime: K-On!
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you can Also Right click and Search google for the Image posted to find the name

Imani Franklin

Samsung Galaxy S4  - 
So it begins...
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Imani Franklin

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I don't care if I go over 300 GB in one month, Cox communications should still providing the Internet I pay for. I'm sure there are some months where I don't go over 300 GB, but do those gigabytes rollover to the next month? Do I get those gigabytes back? of course not. You don't keep up with those gigabytes like AT&T does my minutes. Seeing how I forget the gigabytes I don't use up you should forget to gigabytes I overuse. This is the second time the Internet has gone out suddenly. Fortunately this time I wasn't doing anything important. $65 for 30mbps is.... already too much. $100 for 50mbps is a joke. 
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Yeah, the whole capping bandwidth is really stupid. Comcast hasn't started that yet... Well, they are testing it in some markets, but I'm not hearing good things about it. I live in a house with 3 other adults and 4 kids. The constant steaming of HD YouTube and Netflix is a no brainer for eating bandwidth. The cable companies are just milking their customers. Note, most companies don't count using THEIR services towards the cap limit. It's lock-in. I can't even see how it's legal.

Imani Franklin

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Now I know.
Inequality Shocks, But Doesn't Stop
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Have them in circles
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Tagline, It's me yep, this is me too, show me some love.
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