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Friday Afternoon
Well it's already September. I still have a few cats that come for food. All three calicoes still, and there are new kittens. Apparently Nyx has at least 3. Two are smoky blue like Stormy was, and 1 is all black. They mostly hang out in the garage and I fee...

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Sunday Afternoon
Well I know I haven't been here since June. Not a whole lot to report. Basically many of the cats left. Really only the three calicoes (of course my least favorites) are always there, plus Blondie and Nyx. All the others left. Then either one or two of the ...

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Tuesday Update
Hey everyone. Well I normally get around 6 cats now each day. Blondie, Nyx, Socks, and the three calicoes. Midnight has been gone for almost 2 weeks. Sweetie Pie too though I saw Blondie chasing him 4 days ago. He was under my front porch. I feel bad for hi...

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Saturday Night
Evening everyone. Well Nyx now has been absent for around 2 days. Basically now I'm feeding Blondie, the three calicoes, Socks and Smoky. Still no sign of Stormy, Midnight and any of the others. Though Sweetie Pie came by today on my porch. He's been missin...

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Monday Night
It seems like the same 7 cats come every day now. Blondie, Nyx, Smoky, the three calicoes and Socks. That's it. I don't know what happened to Sweetie Pie, Midnight or Stormy which saddens me. I did see Sweetie a couple days ago after not seeing him for a fe...

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Monday Morning update
Morning all. I haven't been coming here a lot. A lot of the cats seemed to have left or made themselves scarce. Stormy only comes very occasionally, Midnight too. The only ones who are regulars now is Blondie, Nyx, the three calicoes and Socks. Even Sweetie...

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Tuesday Morning
Morning all. I forgot to tell you all about this weird thing that happened to me the other day It was in the afternoon and I had just fed the cats. I was standing there and I suddenly saw one of the cats react or jump a little. All of a sudden I saw an anim...

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Saturday Afternoon
Hello everyone. This morning there were only 6 cats there. Nyx, Socks, and Stormy and the three calicoes. I don't know where Blondie, Sweetie Pie or Midnight were. As I was coming out Stripes was laying on my porch. I left my own cats leftovers for him. I w...

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Thursday Update
This morning only 5 cats were there out back. Blondie, Nyx and the three calicoes. I have no idea why the rest of them were missing. I fed them all at 7am. Later by afternoon more of them came. Blondie, Nyx, Smoky, Midnight, the three calicoes and Socks. No...

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Monday Morning
Morning all. Another sunny decent day it shall be today. Temps are supposed to be around 66 today and right now it's 57. No rain so it should be a great day. I fed the strays at 7am, a little late and only 7 cats came. Missing were Sweetie, Pie, Stormy, Smo...
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