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The relation of Self-Preservation with Intelligence and Sacrifice
We all know well the Third Law of robotics; for the benefit
of refreshing your memory it is a robot must protect its own
existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
this is not a rule made by self-actuating Artificia...

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How far to grapple,             Shaking
hands                         Reaching
fingers                                     Dirt
and nails Reach far to eternal                         Not
the solution                                     Not
the climax       ...

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The Economics of food
The current model of food we have in the west is a creation
of market economics with repercussion on our culture, space and identity. We
eat fancy food on few occasions, the food we consume on daily basis is
essentially fast food. Western fast food tastes p...

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How do you rejuvenate your thinking?
As you get older you become aware your views are hardening and closing off to new ideas. you become aware when you start rolling your eyes - "thats what the kids think."  I believe intellectual quality just like the quality of every other function is regula...

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The Good Immigrant - book review
The good immigrant is a
collection of essays crowdfunded into this book. The first impression was “I
didn’t know the Chinese felt alienated” aren’t they called the model minority?
Successful, assimilated, and a series of similar snapshots framing people yet...

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Consider investing in commodity to diversify
Commodity markets are at a turning point given the economic situation and technological S curse we inhabit.  Something to look out for is the oil price volatility. The oil price will be revised downward by electric vehicles which will happen around 2020. ti...

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Book Review - Outliers by Malcom Gladwill
What is in the making of
personal success It's rather ironic
use of the term outlier for the title. I do recognise it as a technical term as
oppose to word as it signifies a specific concept in data analysis. Outlier
takes centre stage in data science, conc...

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Over the branch of hope bearings may found Over matter stringed together my lead found Over the body impasse of being  I long for abyss some portal may found

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استحکام اعتبار در هویت بی وطنی
ما که از قید وطن بیگانه ایم چون نگه نور دو چشمیم و یکیم از آلمان و چین و افغانیم ما در جهان مثل می و مینایم ما تا نژاد و نسب بود مشرق تا به مغرب بود  تا وطن و یثرب بود آمل و مقتدر بود امتیازات نسب را پاک سوخت آتش عشق این خس و خاشاک سوخت چون گل صد برگ ما را ...

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توانگری و بی بیازی - استغنا
هفـــت دریــــا یــک  شَمَر اینـــجا  بــــود  ــ   هفــــت اخـگر یـک  شرر اینـــجا  بــــود هشت  جنــت نــیز اینجا  مــرده ای است  ــ   هفت دوزخ همچون  یخ افسرده ای است
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