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Don Milton
I show you how to Embrace Extraordinary every day
I show you how to Embrace Extraordinary every day

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We created a fun series of meme-style images that shows how each of our EFT Video Tutorials helps.

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Are you an ideal candidate for EFT?

EFT isn’t for everyone. Ideal candidates for EFT share five traits that are essential for success with emotional freedom technique.

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Come join me on Pinterest at

Follow me and I'll follow you back :D

Just created an account today. I'll be pinning all sorts of things related to EFT, spiritual awakening, energy work, and alternative healing.

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We have a new big page of EFT, mind-body-spirit, and alternative health resources on our website at

Many people operate from a lack-based mentality and would never link to websites that they view as "competitors." I believe that there is enough for everyone, and want to share the link love.

You can also add your site to the list! Look at the bottom of the page for a form to submit your site.

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This is your body on anxiety (something that EFT is great at solving.)

#EFT #infographic

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The #EFT  Twitter Contest is now live!

Enter to win one of our 17 EFT video tutorials. All you have to do is click on button, which will generate a tweet for you, which you can then post to your Twitter account.

Enter to win as many videos as you want, and enter to win as many times as you want.

Enter here:

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Twitter Contest Starts Tomorrow

Our Twitter #EFT video giveaway contest starts tomorrow!

It will begin at approximately 9:00 AM Pacific Time.
To enter, go to this page and click one button to generate a Tweet to post on your Twitter account, and with the EFT video tutorial of your choice.

#contest   #twitter  #eft #emotionalfreedomtechnique

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Read a new #EFT client interview and find out how EFT helped Lynne's life. Here's one of the questions:

When you first learned about EFT, what was your reaction? Did you think it would really work?

"About 20 years ago EFT was presented to me but it seemed a little complicated and strange. I questioned whether it would really work but never gave it a chance because I never did it. After years of studying and experimenting with various alternative healing methods I decided to seriously look into EFT and add it to my daily life. At this point I watched a video demonstration on Don’s web site and then contacted Don for a session. I see EFT as a helpful tool that compliments my life and which is easily assessable instantly."

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We're going to be hosting a Twitter contest and giving away FREE #EFT videos!

This is our blog post announcing the contest. We will be sharing more details soon.

#EFT   #twittercontest  

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See how our new logo was developed. This is a fun look behind the scenes at the graphic design process.

#EFT #logodesign
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