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Nebula Haze
Let me teach you how to grow weed in your closet (let's overgrow the world!)
Let me teach you how to grow weed in your closet (let's overgrow the world!)

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Learn how to transplant an autoflowering strain without any stress - it takes less than two minutes!

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Great supercropping technique in this video:

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Great short and sweet video showing how to transplant a seedling from a solo cup into a bigger container without root shock! Be aware, there will be banjos :)

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Impressive growth for Day 25 under 3 x 315 LEC grow lights!

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Please get out and vote for people who support cannabis legalization in your state! You don't even need to vote on everything, you can vote on just the candidates/issues you care about and leave the rest of your ballot blank - your votes still count! I remember I used to feel so intimidated by all the choices, and I didn't realize you don't have to vote on everything :)

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Voters favor legalizing the adult use of cannabis in the five states where the issue will appear on the ballot this Election Day. We're leading in every state, but it's really close in some states. Please make sure EVERYONE you know gets out to vote! Here is a summary of the latest polling data....

Arizona - Polling shows about half of people are in support, with only 40% opposed. This may pass, but it depends mostly on whether people actually come out to vote (more people who vote, the more likely this is to pass)

California - Looking pretty good in Cali, we're leading by as much as 30 points in some polls!

Maine - 53% of people polled are in support, but like Arizona this bill passing is going to depend mostly on turnout. If Democrats and other cannabis supporters don't come out it likely won't pass, but if they do come out they have the majority!

Massachusetts - Almost identical to Maine and Arizona. 53% of people polled are in support.

Nevada - Leading by 57% and looking real good! Please citizens of Nevada, come out and vote!!!

What's your favorite germination method for hydro?

I've been a "stick your seed in a Rapid Rooter and install it directly into the system" kind of grower for years, and that works great, but the last few weeks I've been doing some experiments on germination with old toss-away seeds using a few different methods (soak seeds overnight then install them, start them in the system and the paper towel method).

After trying several different seeds, I was a little surprised the winner was actually the paper towel method! I would germinate them in just 1-2 days, cut open a Rapid Rooter on one side, and just place the seedling in place and close the Rapid Rooter once its in place. This seemed to get a seedling with leaves on top and the very first root tip out the bottom in just 3-4 days on average. This is compared to taking 3-7 days to get completely started with a Rapid Rooter by itself.

What about you guys, what's worked best for you?

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One step at a time....

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Hey everyone! We have just opened up a (very beta) growing forum on the website! We know that Google can't possibly shut us down there! And we'll finally be able to post pictures in the comments haha

We're just getting started but if you want to be a part of the community from the beginning, we'd love to have you!

But don't worry this Google+ group isn't going anywhere any time soon! :) The new forum is more of an experiment to see if it ends up being better for everyone in the long run.

You have to request to join just like in this group, but we'll let you in as soon as we see you!
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