Questions, somewhat spoiler-y, for Bride of the Black Manse:

[These come from the Goodman Games forum and have gone unanswered so far...]

On page four, under "Ten Bells," the second paragraph begins:
The bell tower (area A-5) rebuilds at 10 bells. Spectral courtesans begin to flood the manor-house.

Should it read "spectral courtiers" instead of "spectral courtesans"? From context, it sounds like you mean to be talking about aristocratic guests, not prostitutes. But what do I know, this is Appendix N, right? :wink:


OK, I have a follow-up question that actually needs an answer.

On page 22, the text refers to how PCs can deal with Mammon's marriage proposal. It says:
Mammon turns to the PCs, demanding that his bride accept the blazing ring. Any character accepting the hellfire ring is surely doomed...

This seems to suggest that any character can accept the ring, and their soul will be taken. But what happens to the rest of the party?

One might assume that they are allowed to be on their way. But two paragraphs later, the text suggests this way to solve the problem:
If the PCs can correctly guess the originator of the slaughter, Ilse, and that associated PC willing goes into the arms of the archdevil, the remainder of the party is free to escape.

This seems to suggest that there is some benefit to the PC associated with Ilse giving herself up. So if that's the case, what happens when a PC who isn't associated with Ilse accepts the ring? Does Mammon get pissed and attack? If so, what happens to the character who offered himself?

Please respond...I'm going to be running this adventure at Gen Con for you guys! I've had a few practice runs with it and this hasn't come up, which is fortunate because I wouldn't know what to do.

Thoughts, +Harley Stroh?
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