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Supporting Your Mission

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The March A/OPC Spotlight, Nancy Hexmoor, shares her experiences with the GSA SmartPay program:

The latest 2017 CFO Report has been posted to the GSA SmartPay Website. Check it out:

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For the most recent update to the GSA SmartPay 3 RFP go to:

A/OPCs can use the Needs Assessment Tool as a starting point to begin determining payment solution needs under the GSA SP3: 

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For GSA SmartPay state tax information, forms and state points of contact go to

Margaret Colaianni shares her experience as a Purchase Card Program Manager at the U.S. Department of State:

A/OPCs mark your calendars! The 2017 GSA SmartPay Training Forum will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center on August 1-3.

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The GSA SP3 RFP has been posted to FedBizOpps for industry to propose at the Master Contract level: 

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Approving Official training is offered with the GSA SmartPay Account Holder training and is located on our website:

Matthew Ruckert, from the U.S. Coast Guard, shares his experience with the GSA SmartPay program: 
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