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24 Hour Emergency Tree Service Montgomery County

Life is often unpredictable, and there are few things worse than unexpected expenses due to things we have no control over. While there is nothing we can do about things like extreme weather, the arborists at Patrick Musser Tree Service are available 24/7, so unexpected tree failures don’t have to be huge, stressful events. We have the equipment (including cranes) to remove a tree that has damaged your property, and we can be there whenever you need us. Let our trusted, family-owned business be your first choice for 24 hour emergency tree service in Montgomery County.

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Dangerous Tree Removal Montgomery County

Don’t allow dead, diseased, or damaged trees to remain on your property. That simply gigantic tree in your backyard may have been a selling point when you bought your home, but that heaving soil and those exposed roots most likely indicate a dangerous tree. The professional arborists at Patrick Musser Tree Service have the equipment and the know-how to handle your dangerous tree removal needs in Montgomery County no matter the size or state of the tree.

To better keep your household safe from falling branches, split trunks, and toppling trees, learn a few ways to identify a dangerous tree:

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Tree Stump Removal Montgomery County

If you’ve let an unsightly tree stump hang around your Maryland property, it may be time to do something about it. Leaving a stump in your lawn does more damage than just decreasing your home’s curb appeal. Stumps hidden by vegetation can be falling hazards, and rotting stumps can attract insect infestations. When you contact Patrick Musser Tree Service for tree stump removal in Montgomery County, you’ll take the first step to keeping your family safe and your lawn healthy.

If you’re still not sold, see our 2-part blog post on the benefits of tree stump removal.
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