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Goodnight #Supermoon . I took this photo from my side yard after returning from a moon-watching trip to Windy Hill on Skyline. (f16, 1/80, ISO100, 400mm)

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We got inspired by #dinovember.   Dad Refe Tuma and his wife spend every November convincing their 4 kids that their toy dinosaurs come to life at night.

We have impressionable young kids and a box of plastic dinosaurs, so thought, why not join in the fun too?  

Last night the dinosaurs made their first appearance.  They attacked grandma's sewing kit (temporarily set up on our dining room table).   Darien (age 4) was very perplexed: "They really got into a mess!  How did they do that?".    The Tyrannosaurus Rex got particularly tangled up in some thread ("Uh oh, he's really stuck!").    He denied any knowledge of how his dinosaurs managed this feat:  "It wasn't me! I didn't leave my room all night long!"   After cleaning up, the dinosaurs were suitably punished with a 5 minute timeout (Darien's idea).  

We'll see what kind of stunts the dinosaurs pull next.  We have some ideas...
Dinovember 2013
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Love this piece about some of my favorite ex-colleagues and friends.   +Alexander Macgillivray, +Michael Yang , +Ramsey Homsany, Dana Wagner & Jared Grusd are all amazing lawyers and I feel truly lucky to have worked closely with all of them. 

Looking for a toddler friendly, reasonably priced hotel in central Amsterdam for a stay in September. Any suggestions, Circles?
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