EU Parliament finally seems to recognise the need to invest in the Unions future and advocate education expenditure. Estimates for labour market demand for 2020 show, that 35 % of all jobs in the EU countries will require labour with high education degrees. The current rate of highly skilled employees is roughly 26 %.

Another aspect is the threat of falling behind in the global higher education ranking: from the roughly 4,000 Universities in Europe only about 200 get into the Top 500 education institutes.

The newly developed U-Multirank – which will be first employed in 2013 – shall increase transparency, comparability and hence competition between institutions within the European Higher Education Area and hopefully leading to higher education quality.

Only future will tell how the new ranking will effect education. But it definitely already had an impact on diplomacy: UK House of Lords bashed U-Multirank as waste of public funds and Russian President Vladimir Putin is generally disappointed and deprives western ranking systems of any legitimacy – maybe due to the poor rankings of the russian universities.

Nevertheless it's nice to see another initiative to facilitate research and education!

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