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Web Tink'rer, Deep Think'r, Lil' Stink'r
Web Tink'rer, Deep Think'r, Lil' Stink'r

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Wow. My first G+ post in what -- a couple of years? Well, wharever... Hope all is well with everybody out there and here's hoping the Predators can continue their hot start to the 2015-16 season with two points tonight in my old stompin' grounds vs. the LA Kings!

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Just One More Reason I Love City Slickers...
I Hate Bullies City Slickers —

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November Remembers
Novem Monumentum November is a special month for a lot of reasons; interesting one, too. The calendar is one of those things you just don’t usually think about — well, me anyway — I mean the way we parse out the passage of days, months and years. I’d always...

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Incredible video! Thanks to +Jesse Newhart (via Twitter) for bringing the link to my attention!  :) 

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The Nashville Predators have their work cut out for them tonight in Phoenix. New Predators AJenda: The Moment of Truth

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Is Phoenix goin' to school on Nashville? New Preds AJenda: Coyotes Proving That Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

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Little brother comes of age. New Predators AJenda: Growin’ Up. (with a little som'som at the end for Springsteen fans)

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Ever wonder how the Nashville Predators have remained so successful through the years, seemingly against all odds? Here's a take you probably haven't heard before.

Faith, Hope, & Love – in a Hockey Context
(Part 1)
(Part 2)

To all my friends here on Google+...

This may well be my final post via this medium. The Google Name Police have finally gotten around to taking me to task for my use of a pseudonym as my primary profile name. This is despite the fact that said pseudonym has been my sole identity on the internet since 2004, and is an established part of my identity; and never mind the irony of the fact that I came up with it when I started my personal blog, All Your Blogs Are Belong to Us, on (a Google product) in May of '04.

As you might guess, I'm none too happy about this. I understand the reasoning. What I don't understand is why the typically good folks at Google can't just take the time to look at who I am before summarily assuming that I'm trying to be someone else and probably up to no good. That has never been my intent, nor will it ever be; any of the large number of real-life friends that I've made via the Internet would attest to this.

My name is and always has been my personal brand online; I have no intention of dumping it and starting over just to suit Google.

I now have three days in which to appeal this decision and provide proof that I am a real person before becoming banned from Google+ and several related products based on the Google Profile. I fully expect to succeed in that effort, but if I do not, you'll always still be able to find me on Twitter (@ajinnashville), Facebook (, and of course, my blogs, Predators AJenda ( and All Your Blogs Are Belong to Us ( least they're not kicking me off'a THAT one.

I'll hopefully soon have some good news for you regarding this, but if not, take care and continue to create well!


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Hey look! The skinny Russian kid is back! Only now he's a full-grown, international superstar.

New Predators AJenda: An Open Letter to Alexander Radulov
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