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Lees over de DearMedia aanpak voor het opzetten van een 'online ambassadors program' 

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Ons nieuw bedrijf Social Seeder heeft Michaël Huyghe aangenomen om de groei op te vangen. Ondertussen mogen we organisaties als VW,, Secretary Plus, 11.11.11, AG Insurance, IAB België, Insites Consulting en verschillende andere tot onze klanten rekenen.

bedankt iedereen trouwens voor de leuke reacties en de steun ivm mijn kandidatuur voor de RvB van het IAB! Herverkozen dus ;-)

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Why I am again candidate for the IAB Belgium board of directors.

The quick answer: the job is not done yet, and I would like to finish it.

And now the long(er) answer. 

The IAB Belgium ( is the Belgian association for digital and interactive advertising, representing advertisers, publishers, sales houses, media agencies, advertising agencies and all other companies who deliver digital services

Four years ago I became board member for the first time. It was a different time.

Two years ago I got reelected and became vice president of the board. The times were changing: Facebook was already big, mobile was gaining traction and the web was "incontournable". No one needed to be convinced of the importance of digital, interactive, mobile and social, although ad spending still needed to follow the actual usage (it still does by the way). 
The IAB in Belgium started to evolve from the professional organization it was for over a decade into the organization the market needs for the next decade. We needed a new strategy and a new role.

As a board we realized ourselves that we are facing big new challenges for the IAB, the organization that needs to stimulate 'interactive advertising' in the market. But how do you do that when everything becomes 'interactive' (your phone, your music, your TV-set, your car) and when it is no longer clear what 'advertising' is (of course display is still playing a crucial role, but what with all that other funky stuff?).

The new IAB wanted to become the "pivot" between all kinds of stakeholders: IAB-members and also all the others: non-members, other organizations, everyone who is confused about this digital future. We no longer wanted to be the gatekeepers of this future, the ones that could pretend to know what is important and what is not. We realized that our new role in this changing landscape was to bring together people, knowledge, questions and answers, tools, best practices, ... The IAB Belgium wanted to become a real platform that people can actually USE to get a grip on the future. A community that is driven by the needs, curiosity, knowledge and contributions of all participants. The IAB no longer wanted to be the old-school exclusive keeper of the knowledge, but more the guide or signpost in an unknown and uncertain digital landscape. 
Of course we don't throw our legacy away: educate, regulate and inspire are still the central components of our activities. But we complement them with guidance for the future. 

About six months ago I became president (thank you @benoitlips for the great work as president before me), and I made it my mission to help the board to make the necessary changes actually happen. 

So over the last year we realized a big part of this strategy. We have created a successful knowledge-driven community and several other tools that are just the first steps. And the work is not done yet.

So if you too believe digital needs to keep evolving and we are facing some very interesting challenges, please give me your support. If you are an IAB member and you can vote tomorrow, vote for me.



More information on the elections:

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De Vlaamse tv-zenders moeten stoppen met bangmakerij en met oplossingen komen, met interessante aanvulling van +Jo Caudron…

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We zoeken hulp: DearMedia groeit en werft aan! Iets voor jou? Bekijk onze #vacature.
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