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Activation Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination
Activation Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination


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All-in-One Solution for odor removal, kills mold, sanitizes, neutralizes chemical residue .... and kills insects and their eggs with an Eco-Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable spray/mist treatment. #pestcontrol #pestmanagment #bedbugs #roashes

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Gotta love an All-in-One product that cleans, removes odors, kills mold, sanitizes, neutralizes chemical residue ..... and kills unwanted insects and their eggs. #pestcontrol #roaches #bedbugs #ecosafe

The growth of the ozone service industry has brought a tool that avoids chemical product to treat bad odor issues. Finding an environmental solution that is effective is something to strive for.

Ozone is a gaseous oxidizing agent, and there are liquid-type oxidizers. Recently, activated hydrogen peroxide has risen as a preferred remediation and cleaning ingredient. It reverts to water and oxygen once it has done its work

h2o2 Decon Five is the liquid equivalent of ozone that can be applied to nearly any surface with fantastic effect. Time to rethink our cleaning and remediation strategies. #remediation #ozonegenerator #ozoneodorremoval

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Property managers need a comprehensive solution to get a vacancy ready for rental or resale. Odors, mold, and "Lived-In" smells will last longer than your cleaning process.

Treat every property with a quick application of Decon five to make that odd smell go away. Decon Five fully decontaminates and detoxifies a rental making it ready for occupancy the same day. #propertymanagement #apartmentturnover #apartmentodors

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You only get one chance to get it right when it comes to flood recovery. The first issue is getting rid of the water. The second issues is the prevention of further damage. The ability to do a quick Initial Shock Treatment and routine Maintenance Treatments will keep the building stabilized until the real work can be done. This will save the owner thousands in post-flood damage costs. #floodcleanup #floodrecovery #postflood

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Cleaning is the starting point, but the ability to decontaminate and detoxify a house or building is a Marco-solution. While others sort through allergen source, VOCs, mold, or chemical presence; h2o2 Decon Five is a spray application that crushes mold, allergens, VOCs, and chemical residue.

The point should be simple to understand. Indoor air quality is a composite of everything out-of-whack in the house or building. Solve the multiple problems and the ancillary issues will resolve. #indoorairquality #decontamination #detoxificaiton

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Carpet cleaning is a good partial solution to odors, germs, and indoor air quality. The rest of the house still goes untreated. Carpet cleaning services can now detoxify, sanitize, and deodorize the whole house or building during the visit using an amazingly powerful product that is environmentally-safe and non-toxic.

For those with allergies, asthma, and MCS, this treatment can be used for allergy abatement because it also kills mold and mildew and neutralizes VOCs and chemical residue. #carpetcleaning #detoxify #allergyabatement

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Dealing with the multiple levels of pollutants in the air is no simple task. If there is a problem, where do we start? Particulates are pretty easy if you can get an adequate HEPA system in place.

But, what if the problem is biological, like mold or bacteria?

Maybe the ancillary issue is pet, dust mites, odd odors. Or, the hidden threat is VOCs, TICs. and chemical residue causing an ultra-sensitive person to react. Trying to nail down the issue is like a ​nearsighted man in a dart throwing contest. Much of what may be done is best guesses along with a trial and error approach. Maybe, we need a Omni-Solution. #iaq #indoorairquality

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The idea of a full decontamination process may evoke images of men in hazmat gear entering a drug house, but that is the decon process at its extreme.

In fact, decontamination may be sanitizing from pathogens and infectious disease. It may be removing mold from houses and buildings. It may be eliminating foul odors. It could also be the radical improvement of the indoor air quality.

So, what if there was a No Touch treatment that could do all of this in one simple application? Instead of introducing several products to solve multiple problems, one EPA registered product could eliminate all bad odor, kill mold and mildew, provide a six-log sanitizing, and neutralize VOCs and TICs.

Finally, what if this incredible BROAD SPECTRUM process was non-toxic, eco-safe, non-polluting, and left no chemical residue. An ALL-IN-ONE product that could do all this would change the lives of many now struggling with environmental threats to their health. #indoorairquality #sixlog #sanitizing #odorremoval
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