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Craig Russell
I am Craig. I like geeky things like mobiles, programming and man caves.
I am Craig. I like geeky things like mobiles, programming and man caves.

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Virtues of a Highly Efficient Software Engineer

Be lazy, be passionate, have empathy.

A worthwhile read for anyone who is a software engineer or works with them.

@trionkidnapper #softwareengineer #software #developer #empathy #laziness #passion

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The Burden of Knowledge

Professionalism in software development demands knowledge sharing.

+OnePlus After receiving one invite, I apparently caused increased demand at my work by mentioning it. So... if you want to give me another invite... guaranteed sales.

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Ooh this is handy!
Android Studio / Intellij Tip of the Day: tools:attribute

If you have ever entered some testing text in a TextView to see how it looks in the previewer, then this is for you.
For any attribute in the xml that has the pattern 'android:something="value"', you can add a new attribute named 'tools:something="value"' and it will be picked up by the previewer but ignored in your app. Then you can leave default values that makes sense to visualize the layout without impacting the final build. 

Two things that you should check using the tools namespace:
  1) Text that will be set at runtime (so that you don't try to visualize an empty layout)
  2) Stuff that is dynamically changed later (e.g. visibility)

To configure the tools namespace, put this in the root tag of your layout (under the android xmlns):

#androiddev #protip #androidstudioprotip
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It’s a big day for the Android tools team. After several years of development, we’ve just launched Android Studio 1.0!

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Stop putting senior in your job title; people just aren't impressed.

They will judge you on your competence, not your job title.

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Beautiful weather whilst out fishing the other day. Loch Glow in Fife, Scotland.

#FlyFishing #landscape #scotland #loch #fishing
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"Men talk to determine and achieve status.

Women talk to determine and achieve connection"

An interesting view on the ways that men and women talk to each other. 
Regardless of gender, I've been trying to make a habit of shutting my mouth and listening...
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