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Matt Licata
Psychotherapist, author, teacher and lover of the moon
Psychotherapist, author, teacher and lover of the moon

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To have a need
Many I speak with have come to the conclusion that it is
not okay for them to have a need. Or that it is certainly not very “spiritual.”
As little ones in our families of origin, expressing a need wasn’t always very
safe and often met with dysregulating emp...

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Your vulnerability is not a mistake
is not an error that you have been born a sensitive human being, with a tender nervous system and a heart that is sometimes broken. Your
vulnerability is not a mistake, but a portal into aliveness. The Way of Rest summer retreat  – registration open now ...

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The re-enchantment of "healing"
There’s a lot of talk about “integrating” or “healing”
traumatic experience which I believe has led to a lot of confusion. It's important to re-envision words like “integration” and
“healing," as they have lost their relevance, aliveness, and magic.

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Breathe it into your cells
Use your breath to direct attention into the center of
whatever feeling is arising. Send awareness inside your emotions and saturate
them with light. Surround whatever appears with your presence, as a parent
would cradle their shivering little one with a wa...

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Opening a portal into wholeness
To whatever degree we have not provided sanctuary for unmet
feelings of abandonment, loneliness, shame, and rage, we can count on our
partners, children, and close friends to continue to offer this opportunity to
us in a seemingly endless number of ways. Ho...

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Mother as the activity of love
May we hold all mothers in our hearts today, beholding the
infinite forms that Mother will take in her journey to seed matter with her
darkness and her light. Though it may appear otherwise, she has never given up
on you, and never will. In this way, Mother...

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