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DISNEY WORLD The day was
awesome, we are so exhausted. Disney World was huge and we saw attractions
everywhere we went. We don’t know where to begin because it is unexplainable.
The whole Disney World area measured up to 10 Lisebergs that is the biggest

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Today was a good day! The day started really good by uncle
Ibrahim’s wife Antoinette, making American pancakes with syrup, cream, Nutella and
blueberry. After that we went to the gym with Gabriel to burn the calories and
fat we ate to breakfast. The gym is ...

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Hello! Today we had a really
good day and we spend much time to learn to know a lot of people and didn’t
have any problem speaking with them. The day started by getting waked up 09:00
am. by uncle Ibrahim. He asked us if we wanted to go with him to his gas

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Finally!!! The weather is beautiful and the sun hits
our faces in a 35 degrees heat. All the time we spent in the airplanes and the airport
is now forgotten and it feels like we are in a beautiful dream that can’t be compared
to the gray and boring Sweden. ...

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NEXT USA Hello guys, the airport is huge and there
are a lot of people here which is normal at airports. We arrived to the airport
after the trip with the “Arlanda express” train. It´s only take 20 minutes from
the central of Stockholm to the airport. We ha...

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GOOD MORNING We has just got off the train in the Stockholm
city and we are on the way to buy tickets to the Arlanda express, that will
take us to the airport. The first plane we are flying with is Scandinavian Airlines
that will take us to Copenhagen and a...

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there and welcome to Michael and Christers blog You’re going to follow us on a trip to
Florida in the US, and the trip will last for about ten days. We going to
wright about everything that we will do in Florida, who we will meet and what
we’ll visit. Pe...

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