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Lauren Beck
Reviving Meme Theory
Reviving Meme Theory

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Young Student: Heed E.O.Wilson's Advice
Young student, you won't yet find a university with a memetics department.  In fact the discipline is still in such a formative stage you'll be hard-pressed to find an adviser or committee who will validate your interest.  Be your own champion.  This does n...

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A Question of Scale
We have been scientifically investigating our environment since prehistory.  The cognitive process of learning is a scientific process, establishing working theories of categories and relationships, testing hypotheses and reworking assumptions to fit new da...

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The Fractured Modern Mind
There are perils to living in ignorance of humanity's evolutionary origins. This criticism isn't directed at creationists...they might fundamentally misconstrue the biological world, but they hang together and generally make out alright, as decent humans do...

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The Invisible Social Machines: Lewis Mumford Understood Memetics
Folks have been talking about the existence of memeplexes and their impact on humanity for generations. I surrender the stage of this post to one of the great minds of the 20th Century: Lewis Mumford "The inventors of nuclear bombs, space rockets, and compu...

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The Light bulb
The invention of the light bulb is a perfect example of how the evolution of a technology is obscured by secular myth-making.  Many tinkerers and scientists contributed to the invention of the lightbulb.  They were in various corners of the developed world ...

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Lauren Beck commented on a post on Blogger.
Excellent video.  Your perspective is likely a step in the right direction. 
One question (meant as a dialogue question, not a dismissive or cynical question):
Is a tomato or an ear of corn a meme from this perspective, even though it's biological / genetic production is traditionally emphasized?  Are GMOs a memetic product to a greater degree than traditional crops (and if so how would we measure this)?

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Going Too Far
Scientific revolutions go too far for those committed to normal science. Newton's Principia went too far, seeming to revive pagan metaphysics in the eyes of  contemporary scholars.  It survived and won a following because it provided a way forward for Astro...

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A Disquieting Thought: Spirits in Whisky and in the Air
Our ancestors talked about the spirits in liquor and used that to explain intoxication.  Shamans talked about the powers of psychedelic mushrooms and certain plants when they didn't know the chemical names but knew the effects. The witch-hunters got spine c...

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Blast Furnaces USA: Industrial Art is Taxonomy of Technology
Blast Furnaces USA is part of the contemporary collections of the St. Louis Art Museum. It is a compilation of twenty-four gelatin silver prints and takes up an entire wall in its gallery. These photographs were taken some time between 1978 and 1986 by Bern...

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Skyscrapers Evolved: Inorganic Evolution in Human Innovation
Skyscrapers are a perfect case-study of memetic evolution within the realm of technology.  To achieve these modern marvels, advances in steel manufacture, concrete pouring and glass  production were necessary.  Engineering and construction techniques had to...
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